a moment of bravery

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Drew isn’t your typical bug lovin’ little boy. He pretty much steers clear of anything creepy-crawly. We were all suprised when he smacked this unsuspecting bug on the sliding glass door today. It took him a minute to realize what he had done, and then the waterworks began. After praising him up and down for being so brave, he started to crack a smile but he couldn’t get over the fact that there was a dead bug on his hand. I managed to snap this photo during the 3 seconds that he was actually happy about his heroism. Ever since he has been asking to see this picture. Maybe I’ll have to print it really big for his room, ha!

operation guinea garden

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Is underway…

Every year we grow radishes, carrots, and lettuce for the pig. Drew loves to tend to his garden, sometimes to a fault. He will water his garden any chance he can get. This year Brinley wanted in on the action, so she has a Binnie Garden that is for the Guinea. You follow?

I don’t know which part they like best – filling the pots with dirt, planting the seeds, squirting them with spray bottles until their hands hurt, or watching the seedlings grow. It’s all very exciting!

Here are our little radish seedlings, just over a week old. They should be ready to harvest in 3-4 weeks. Oscar will be in hog heaven!

Looks like we have a carrot stowing away with the radishes. That’s what you get when the kids are in charge of planting…

a tale of two brothers

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Not really…but on with the story 🙂

The kids were in the backyard playing when Brinley had a little *ahem* accident of the yellow variety. We’ve been having issues with accidents lately, mostly due to the nice weather, I think. It’s just not convenient to run inside and go potty. I asked Drew to come inside and get her a change of clothes, while I cleaned her off & finished dinner. He ran upstairs, and I didn’t pay attention to the clothes Drew brought down, but Brinley got changed without a fight (which is unusual for her!) and all was well. I called them in for dinner a little later, and noticed that Brinley was wearing Drew’s clothes – right down to the Nemo underwear. Brinley has been running a little low on clothes lately, so I figured Drew improvised. (thats my boy!)

Brinley ran inside for dinner, with a worried look on her face. I asked her what was wrong, and she said “Mommy, am I a boy now?” I think she was genuinely concerned. She was relieved when I told her she was still a girl, and that wearing boy clothes was okay sometimes. I guess that was all she needed to hear, and she bounced away happy as peas and carrots.

The funniest part of it all, is that Drew’s pants fit her perfectly on the waist. They were a little long, but finding pants that fit over her ghetto-booty is a difficult task!

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