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Drew has decided to take an active roll in naming his future sibling. He has a couple names picked out. First on his list is “Corndog,” followed by “Dora.” Hmmmm, interesting.

We actually reeeeeeally appreciate the help. Coming up with a name this time around has proven to be quite a challenge. I don’t know if it is because we have to come up with TWO names (one boy, one girl), or that the baby’s name has to mesh well with Drew and Brinley. After all, when we yell their names for being engaged in mischief they have to roll off the tongue easily! In any case, if Ryan and I can’t decide on a name, we may be bringing “Corndog” home from the hospital. It’s better than “baby boy,” right?

And just to be fair – a quick snap of Brinley from today. She was supposed to be putting her laundry away, and ended up throwing a rip-roarin’ fit instead. Then she fell asleep on the floor of her room. Looks comfy, eh?

I swear my kids really do have normal clothes. We’re all for encouraging their imaginations, but SHEEESH!


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the newest member of our family – Sally!

And you thought we were gonna show you pictures of a baby. HA! So here’s a little history: Right before we moved to CO Ryan’s car died. It wasn’t worth fixing, so we towed it to a salvage yard and got $100 for the title. Big money! Once we moved here Ryan, known for having an eye for what’s in style (what?!?) bought us a green 1995 Ford Taurus wagon.

At first we called it The Carp. It’s a big, ugly, fish-looking beast, don’t you think? Then the Cars movie came out, and D&B renamed it Ramone. Still a fitting title, as we have never seen anyone else of our “ethnic background” drive a Taurus wagon. It was what we could afford at the time, and Ramone served us well for 3.5 years. But with our ever-expanding family we faced the reality that three car seats didn’t fit inside Ramone. So Adios Ramone! Now, ZOOM ZOOM!

It was only fitting for Ryan to buy a 2002 Mazda MPV minivan, because Drew is already in season two of his illustrious soccer career, yet Amy was still not a member of the notorious Soccer Mom’s Club. Please don’t ask about the secret handshake…

Sally is by far the newest, fanciest car we have ever owned. Keyless entry is a new thing for us. Up the cool ladder we go! baby steps…

The kids had a great time pampering Sally. She got the full spa treatment.

And to think we hired these two yahoos off the back porch! Payment was easy! Social Services is gonna come any day now and haul us away for slave labor…

older than dirt

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Ryan’s birthday was last week. He was working, so the kids and I made sure to cook up quite the celebration.

Drew mixed up the cake batter (almost) all by himself, and both kids enjoyed licking the beaters. yummm

We made cupcakes just so we could emphasize how stinkin’ old Ryan is…heh.

We spared no expense on the birthday gifts…the kids had fun picking out a few small things they thought daddy would like.

Me being the slave driver that I am, made the kids wrap the gifts all by themselves. I think they did a pretty bang up job.

When Ryan finally made it home, he was blasted with silly string. (Drew’s favorite birthday tradition)

I tried to light all those candles. I put forth my best effort, but after getting burned a few times I gave up. We got about 2/3 of them lit and called it good.

The kids had a blast playing the birthday fairy. Hopefully next year we will be able to up the birthday budget.  Happy Birthday Ryan – We love you! 🙂

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