heart to heart

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When I put Brinley to bed the other night, I noticed a funny lump on her chest. When I ask her about it, she promptly pulled out a heart shaped sponge that we had used earlier that day in a craft project. She told me it was her heart, and asked me if she could sleep with it.  I didn’t think there was any harm in letting her sleep with it. I figured it would be forgotten by morning anyway.


We had breakfast, goofed around and then I sent the kids upstairs to get dressed. Brinley came down and I could see the orange heart right through her shirt.

She pulls it out every once in a while, looks at it, and puts it back in her shirt. She is such a goofball…

poke, prod & torture

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We took the kids in for their 5yr, 3yr, and 2 week well child visits. We were a little late getting Drew & Brinley in, but we were right on time with Rowan.  We tried to warn D&B about the possibility of immunizations, they were pretty nervous about the whole visit.

Like any mamarazzi, I took my camera along for the ride. And I am glad I did, otherwise I would have missed this little gem…

Ryan went with Brinley to the room next door, and Drew was pretty concerned with the screaming he heard through the wall.

Turns out she wasn’t upset about the immunizations, she didn’t even bat an eye. She was upset that she didn’t get to write her name on a paper for the doctor like Drew did.  I wasn’t so lucky when it was Drew’s turn for shots. He screamed and cried, but after it was all said and done he was happy to be “cleared” for Kindergarten in August.

Rowan was pretty upset when she got her foot poked for the 7th & 8th time. The good news is, she weighed in at 6lbs 12.5oz, which is 2 ounces above her birth weight. And the jaundice has finally cleared up.

We told the kids if they were good at the doctors office, we would stop at Dairy Queen on the way home.  A Dilly Bar has the almighty power to make everything right with the world again.

They even sprung for the cherry Dilly Bar this time. Livin’ on the wild side…

Ryan thought he had done something worthy of an ice-cream cone.

Swapping spit. blech.

And they all lived healthily ever after. The end.

blooms for baby

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While Grandma J was here, she took the kids to Home Depot to pick out some flowers for the front yard in honor of Rowan.

Brinley had a blast doing what she does best (getting dirty!)

Of course, pink flowers were the most appropriate choice!

Rowan supervised from her throne on the shady porch. She must have been happy with the offering, she never made so much as a peep.

The kids were thrilled with the end result, and now we have a sweet reminder of our newest blessing.

The kids cooled off in the shade with a popsicle. They think that frozen yogurt tubes are popsicles, ha! Hopefully they won’t wise up to our dirty little trick any time soon.


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