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We walk to the park at least 5 times a week. The last few times we’ve been I noticed how trashy the sidewalks the playground area are looking. Drew actually noticed it too and suggested that next time we bring trash bags and clean it up. We did this last year so he must have remembered. He is an elephant, he never forgets!

True to his word, the next time we saddled up Drew was armed with trash bags. I’m weird and made them wear gloves, although I think they thought the gloves were pretty cool…

It took some convincing to get Brinley to join in on the fun. As soon as we got started she was game. Really, she just wants to do anything he does.

We did the neighborhood a favor and got rid of this sad little dog, don’t let his beady eyes fool you! He’s been hanging around the playground for weeks harboring who knows what kind of nastiness. blech!

Brinley in her fancy pink pearls had a hard time maneuvering her enormous glove.

Who says picking up trash can’t be fun?

This was Drew’s favorite find…

And THATS why they had to wear gloves. ew. Some things should NOT be found at a park! ew again!

And finally, ditching the trash & gloves so we can go play at our nice clean park!

I’m glad that Drew initiated the idea. I am proud of him for wanting to serve the community and making the the park a prettier (and cleaner!) place to hang out.

one hit wonders

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This is a random collection of photos that are all crammed into one post. I’m trying to play catch-up so I can have a squeaky-clean conscience.

I walked in Rowan’s room a few weeks ago and found this. Don’t worry, Drew has a very ferocious jaguar wrapped up in that pretty pink blanket.

The kids were featured on the bulletin board at Chick-Fil-A in their cow costumes. They think they are famous, even though you can’t even see their faces. fun stuff!

Then there was Drew’s educational shower. Doin’ what we can to get the kid ready for Kindy. ha!

I have no words for this picture. really.

We watched the rain come down with a bowl of strawberries.

I tortured the kids with some chores. After they were done I made them scrub the floors, beat the tapestries and bathe the cat.

Daddy flew over the house. The kids are pretty sure they saw him honk and wave.

I attempted to get a picture of my three rugrats last Sunday. No babies were harmed in the taking of this picture, I swear! I really wanted a picture of my matching girlies…maybe next Sunday, or the one after that, or the one after that. Rowan just wasn’t into it.

And finally, the treasures I found in Brinley’s pockets today. I’m pretty sure that I have two girls, but the evidence here suggests to the contrary!

sunset solo

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When we left on a bike ride this evening, we had no idea it would be a life changing event for a certain 5 year old boy. Half way through our ride, one of his training wheels broke off. I was taking up the rear, and quietly picked up the training wheel. Drew had no idea it was gone! Once we got home he insisted that it was time to take the other wheel off.

And away he went. Just like that. Even with his shoes on the wrong feet.

He quickly figured out that grass was the safest place to crash.

After a few runs up and down the block, he hopped off his bike and started jumping, cheering, and dancing.

This is Drew’s sign language for “no more training wheels.”

He was on cloud nine million, SO proud of himself and wouldn’t stop doing the “I am awesome” dance.

The faster he went, the happier he was.

His first successful turn, right into the garage. Could this little boy BE any happier?

We called it a night, but had to promise another bike ride in the morning. Congrats Drew, that was totally WICKED!!!

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