gobble ’til your fingers stick together

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On the day after Halloween, all those scary decorations are taken down and are immediately replaced by wreaths, candles, Christmas trees, etc. Hello!?! Does anyone remember that Thanksgiving comes first? Drew & Brinley know this, and have made sure that they pay the Great Turkey their respects…Before we devour him.

The kids stuffed the grocery ad newspapers from the junkmail stack into paper bags, twisted them in half, and then stuffed them some more. Then they used some colored feathers from Grandma F along with construction paper & pipe cleaners for the details on these overgrown chickens. 

One of the great trials of childhood is dealing with glue. It builds character, right?

This turkey is looking a little crazy. Especially since the kids decided after they were done that it was missing it’s “hands.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

binkie thief

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5 minutes in the life of Rowan. Her new hobby is stealing her own binky and then crying and acting offended! Such a little drama queen already! 🙂  

She often gets perched somewhere while we are all getting ready for the day. Most of the time I can get a good 3 minutes of time where she is self entertaining.

Oh, look at the time! It’s been long enough, time to create a scene and get some attention!

Look at my coordinated self!

Eh, maybe I’ll wait another few minutes. I’m kinda diggin’ the binky right now.

Is anyone looking at me? Nope, everyone is totally oblivious, bummer.

Binky is goin’ back in. This isn’t getting me anywhere.

Whoops, it’s backwards.



All this drama, I think I broke a nail…

Man, I am tired after all that work…

Oh man! That was not on purpose.

That’s right, use the arms…All those push-ups are paying off now. Yeah baby!

Look ma! No hands!

And now back to our regular scheduled program…

baby ballerina

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Brinley started ballet in September. She loves it. Like really, really, really loves it. Like asks me everyday if it is Tuesday, loves it.

Don’t let this cheesy grin fool you, it was Tuesday and Brinley was anxiously waiting for her BFF Ana to rescue her from the photoshoot. She still had an hour to go, but I managed to bribe her into taking a few pictures.

Look how graceful she is. Such a little lady. I think this was the beginings of a curtsy gone wild.

When I ask her to show me what she learned at ballet she tried to bust a move.


One of her favorites is the frog jump. The frog jump is ballet, you ask? You should see the bear crawl and the crab walk 🙂

Ahhh. Here we go, this is ballet. She looks like a pro!


Doncha just love those bunchy little girl tights? She’s got elephant ankles goin’ on here (hopefully not warning signs of future kankles).

A couple weeks ago I got to watch the last 10 minutes of class. The girls were in the throes of the scarf dance. Yep, this picture is blurry alright. Bummer.

And there she goes. Waving her scarf in the air like a true ballerina. She was much too busy to throw me a smile or even a wave.

Maybe Tuesdays are special to Brinley considering she was born on a Tuesday. Y’know, Tuesday’s child is full of grace? Full of grace…mmmhmmm, that describes Brinley to a T! We love you Fred!

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