he chose…wisely

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The stars aligned themselves, the heavens parted, and we finally managed to get to the bank with the birthday check that Great Grandpa & Grandma F sent Drew weeks ago. With the check staring him in the face every time he went to open the fridge, Drew was sure to remind us that he had money and he wanted to spend it.

Since Drew has just started learning about money & coin values at school, we had the check cashed in smaller denominations. Drew felt like a wealthy man with the stack of $1 bills & quarters. First things first though – the dude took care of the 10% he owes to the man upstairs.


Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s not yours! This should keep the lights on at Church for a little while longer…


Mind on his money, money in his hand. Big spender comin’ through. But what will he spend it on?


He could get, like, a billion Legos! Ok, only 405. But that’s close to a billion!


Hey Drew! Why get boring boy Legos when you could get these sweet pink girl Legos?!


Is this a horror movie? Are all the kids gasping for air? All of them were caught up in the excitement of a new toy!


It’s been a while since the Cars movie came out, and it seems the tough economy is having a negative effect on the die-cast toys. $6.27 for Night Vision McQueen?! What a rip!


Here’s a recession-proof toy that’s an enduring classic. Interesting technique hula girl!


Don’t worry Drew, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift! Ro is here to cheer you on to victory!


So many choices. Drew’s eyes were quickly getting bigger than his budget. “All my life been po’, but it really don’t matter no mo’…”


How about a Light Saber? The force is strong with this one…but so is that chance that he’ll use it on his sisters.


Drew finally decided he wanted to get the Bolt DVD. It was a tough choice because it ate up most of his budget…


But there was still enough left over for Drew to get some tasty cucumbers for his buddy Edgar, with 4 bucks to spare! Nice work Scoob!


And with that, we were out like a hurd of turtles. We could get arrested by the cool police for having too much fun at Wal-Mart. true story…


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I think Drew’s face explains it all: What the heck am I doing shoveling snow on Spring Break?! 


Were the kids upset? Nah. They just roll with the punches. Being outside is fun, no matter what the weather. Due to the 70+ degree days we had been enjoying, most of the kids’ heavy winter gear had already disappeared into dark shadowy corners of the basement. Brinley was able to round up her coat, Drew’s gloves from 3 years ago, and a toasty warm Chicken Little hat. bok bok!


All the snow in the backyard was swirling and blowing in a whirlwind. It really was a “snownado!” The drift was over three feet tall, and made for some fun tunnels and canyons for the…ummm…”kids” to create.


No, Drew isn’t decapitating Brinley with the snow shovel. Brinley wasn’t even fazed with all that snow in her face either; she was too busy punching and chopping the snow.


It’s OK Brinley, if you get too cold, Rowan has the secret to thawing your frosty appendages. However, that secret will have to be pried loose from these slobbery jaws.


Victory! The outdoor fun went in rounds. Here Brinley the Abominable regroups after round 1.


After Round 2 Daddy rediscovered his car in the driveway, draped in ice-sickles. Hey D&B, want some frozen water sticks sprinkled with dirt? Mmmm, the perfect low-sugar snack!


Brinley after round 3, with a full March Moustache in effect. She’ll be shaving soon.


That’s enough fun in the cold for a while. Next we moved on to entertainment of the cerebral kind. Drew & Brinley were joined by their best buds Hayden and Ana at the museum. First they worked on dinosaur species recognition. This is very important, because knowing whether you’re being attacked by an Allosaurus or T-Rex could make all the difference between being chewed or swallowed whole.


Yeeeeeeah dirt! What kind of boy or girl doesn’t like making a mess? Ana and Brinley had a blast building their princess castles in the erosion box even after they had to switch from Cinderella to the Little Mermaid.


You’ve heard the story of how Moses parted the Red Sea? Well, in Andrew 6: 27 you can read about how Drew parted the Red Mud.


Spring Break wasn’t all fun and games…ok it was. Even though it wasn’t the fun we were planning on the kids still had a great time.

kitty cookies

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Spring break: Day 3

And we are officially bored. mmmmhmmmm.

Yesderday we made kitty cookies. Yes, we baked for the cat. That is how bottom-of-the-barrel I am feeling right now. The kids liked it, that’s what’s important. The fact that I look like a crazy cat lady is beside the point.

Drew wrote down the recipe for us. Kitty cookies are an exact science. You don’t want to mess around with Cheddar and his cookies. 


I always bake in my finest pearls – don’t you?


After this the kids fought over who got to crack the egg, so I got the mighty privilege. Lucky me!


Approval from his highness before we move on to the next step.


Now for the fun part – flatten the dough. Nice technique Drew…


Cheddar was anxiously circling the kitchen. The smell of tuna wafting though the kitchen was more than this cat can handle.


After 15 excruciating minutes, the morsels of fishy goodness are finally baked to perfection. That’s closer than you ever wanted to get to cat food, isn’t it?


Drew made sure to document every step of the process. Next time he will be able to make these without my help:
wheat germ
corn meal
of oyl (olive oil)
cooke shet
lite (so we can watch them bake, or course!)
15 minise
cute (cut)
toona cookies (boy – that tuna word is pretty tricky, huh!?)
clen up the ckichin (atta BOY!)


And clean up they did!


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