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Listen here Rowan. Listen! Put down the remote, unplug the video games, and put the dolls away. It’s time you gain a big appreciation for the outdoors, and I don’t want to hear any whining about it ok? That’s what I thought!


This camping veteran got right to work helping Daddy haul all the gear and chow for our weekend adventure.


Brinley was supposed to help, but she was carried away in the beauty of her surroundings and opened up a wildflower florist shop instead.


What about you Ro-dog? Ah there she is, doing a great job of holding down the tarp while Daddy sets up the tent.


Rumble grumble. What’s that? Rowan’s getting hungry? Well, find a place for her to sit that’s not in the dirt and we’ll get her served up.


Let’s zoom out for a better view. That looks like the comfiest camping chair ever Rowan! And fire front property! That real estate aint cheap!


Brinley and Ana got down to business and roasted their dogs on the open fire. Notice they favored wood sticks over metal pokers for that organic smoky taste.


Lookin’ real good and burned Scoob! Maybe a bit longer in the fire and then that dog will put some hair on your chest! Arrrrrr!


Princess Brinley nibbled on her food between lengthy conversations with her entourage.


Like father like son. Drew likes fire, and efficiency! He found a perfect stick for making twice as many smores and had them cooked in half the time.


Day 2: How was your night Ro? Lookin’ good.


The lords of the (butter)flies took their spears and headed off into the forest in search of the elusive Rocky Mountain Snipe. Drew looked high. Sadie looked low… 


They all looked, hunted, and tracked the best they could, but could find no sign of the fictitious animal. It doesn’t seem that Brinley was too broke up about it.


All that tree climbing and tracking gave her a nice head full of filth.


What fun is camping if you can’t get dirty?


Hey Flame Boy! We are out of firewood!  Hiiiiiiiiiiiyah!


While Flame Boy chopped wood Hayden and Ana prepped for another tasty round of smores. Who knew marshmallows grew on trees?!


That mallow’s a flamin’! Tasty!


Mmmmmmmmm. So what’s the secret to getting melty chocolate?


Brinley doesn’t really like smores all that much.


Well Rowan, have you had any fun out here in the woods of Georgetown? Judging by your legs it appears that your appreciation is significant. Good work!


Unfortunately the florist had to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. There were no more flowers to pick! Time to go home!


sis mish finish

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While my family went to Atlanta to pick up my sister Jenna from her mission, we spent the week preparing a proper welcome home at our place.

Drew worked on the banner letters while Brinley cut the yarn and used excessive amounts of tape. Why does scotch tape not stick to construction paper?!


We got some really cool window markers and adorned our entire back door with messages to my long lost sister.


Brrinley knows how to write her name, and made sure it was plain to see.


Drew is not one to be subtle. Let’s just say my sister wasn’t too thrilled about this one, but…


Once Jenna and the fam were back at our place, it was what to do that had us somewhat perplexed. Jenna had not yet been released, and wanted to stay the course until it was official. Where was a place we could all enjoy within the rules of the white bible? The mountains of course! It will be warm and sunny and be lots of fun!


Hmmm. Well it wasn’t too warm, but did go back and forth on the sunny part. Brinley made a beautiful bouquet of sandwich while eating her flowers.


Jenna wasn’t too hot to trot on eating the flowers, but Rowan seemed curious.


Drew tried to give Brinley a kiss and was cut off at the pass.


Brinley!!! Are you OK? Just kidding. Drew was chipmunk hunting. 


We saw lots of elk getting fatted up for the long summer ahead.


Brinley tried out several shoulder seats and piggy backs, but had a tough time settling on just one. There was the steady and sure Jenna…


And then there was the wild and crazy Dan. Hold on to that horse Brinley!



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Soccer season may have ended a few weeks ago, but I am still entitled to brag about what a super-star Drew was, right?


This was Drew’s third year playing soccer. We really watched his skills develop this season as he grew more and more aggressive in chasing after the ball. Of course, he did have two of the very best coaches, and a team full of friends – which made the season even more fun!


Tweeeeet! I do believe we have a line violation. Oh yeah I forgot, the rules are more like guidelines…


High five to the fan club! Gulp some water, and back to work.


If the other team proves to be of only mediocre talent, try playing against your own team instead!


As the games wore on, one of the fans became restless and started constructing a grass castle for Stickerella. 


After that she spent some time honing her skills for her own soccer debut. “Anything you can do I can do better…”


The rest of the fans stayed dedicated to the cause and chanted even louder. Notice the face paint, waving flags, and general state of inebriation…


Drew claims to have scored two goals on his final game. This cannot be confirmed nor denied, as it seems that his fan club may or may not have had their eyes glued to the game the whole time. Shame on us – twice!


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