the fruits (and veggies) of summer

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Do you know the Zucchini dance? It’s kinda like the macarena.


Look high, look low. You don’t have to look too far Those bushes are loaded with squash.


It’s a good thing we’ve got friends to take some of it off our hands, otherwise Binnie would be buried!


We are still having issues with the neighborhood squirrel. He’s taken all but one of our big watermelons. Sometimes nature stinks!


Oh well. We’ve had plenty of the store-bought variety on hand. Here Rowan demonstrates proper watermelon-feasting technique. One must be competely naked before trying this. In your backyard in front of several neighbors is preferred.


The Sweet 100 tomato bush is living up to it’s name. We get about 100 of these babies a week!


All in a days work. The peppers, cucumbers and strawberries seem to be getting a second wind. Hopefully they will hurry up and get with the program.


Something else that has cropped up in high numbers is Rowan’s teeth. They are all coming in at once, which makes for many quiet nights of peaceful rest.


The ice cream treats disappear as fast as lightning, thanks to little vampire trolls like this one.


Brownies. Spaghetti. Bread. Lasagna. Couscous. You can add zucchini to just about anything, and it makes the meal much more filling. 


But there’s only so much squash you can take all at once. Best to freeze some and save it for February.


Fresh herbs & veggies make the best summer dinners!  


We love summer rain showers. Perfect weather for a stroll around the ‘hood.


RoMama is almost ready to walk! We gave away the walker a long time ago, but Brinley’s stroller has worked as a fine replacement. She’s already taking steps without it, so it won’t be long!


Upon closer examination, it appears Rowan is the proud mother of twins. The stroller had to be as heavy as she is to keep her from tipping it. What’s Rowan’s weight up to Doctor? About two cantaloupes!


gone in sixty dust mites

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Welcome to the Bissell Vacuum National Speedway! You’ve made it just in time for today’s most exciting race in the 12-Amp category. In the left lane is Brinley at the handle of a Powerforce Bagless. And in the right lane is Drew who will be pushing the much heavier Liftoff Revolution. Does that thing got a hemi?!

Racers, start your vacuums! Look at those game faces!


Drew & Brinley both complete their burnouts and pull up to the deep stage line. Prepare for blast off!


And they’re off! Drew takes an early lead. Be careful Drew, what that girl doesn’t have in torque she makes up for in top speed! She knows how to sneak up from behind!


And here she comes! Pops a wheelie and cuts in front of Drew. But is the carpet clean? Drew is calling foul, claiming Brinley’s vaccuum light works and his doesn’t. And is that nitrous that I smell?


golden days of summer

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School is back in full swing. The nights are getting cooler. But summer still has another 5 weeks to go! We are determined to make it last as long as possible.

Last weekend we made it to the last outdoor movie night. The kids had plenty to do between eating, jumping around in bounce castles, not to mention face paint… (thanks for the pictures, Staci!)


For the record, that is a butterfly on Binnie’s face, and don’t tell her otherwise. Yep, that’s me in the background mopping the lemonade off my pants, courtesy of Kung-Fu-Rowan.


Today was girl’s day out at the beach. Ro-dog took charge and schooled her posse in the ways of proper sand recreation. First you smear it on your legs like this…


And then attempt to bury yourself like this! Keep digging Ro, we are going to need that skill come planting season next spring!


Brinley got busy building yet another mansion of mud. Did you really expect something different?


What’s better than building with your best friend?


I brought Rowan a sippy cup full of fresh water, but apparently this was more convenient…


Ewww…what’s that fishy aftertaste?


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