Hey, is the stew cold? Sorry about that, it’s been a while since we’ve had a moment to relax. Summer is long gone and there have been lots of changes for us, but we’re still having fun!

So where are these changes we are talking about? Well, to tell the truth, we are homeless. Off the grid. Drifters. Ok, our landlord decided to sell the house we’re in. We are trying to buy our own house (woohoo! & prayers needed) and in the meantime we are moving to the sandy beaches of Utah’s Dixie!

The seasons changed as quickly as our housing situation. The frost rolled in, and the garden wilted. We still had a decent harvest, and we were able to enjoy all the cantelopes and watermelons that Hammy didn’t get to. Mmmm!


Summertime dinner should be enjoyed outside, even if your yard is a steep slope. A couple of rocks to prop up the plate keeps the fixin’s from slidin’…


Are those beans gonna give you some wicked gas Ro-dog? Only time will tell.


While we waited for the butt-blaster Rowan passed the time by dipping rocks in Cheddar’s water and got REALLY in touch with nature.


I’ve got no claws, no fangs, no venom…even Mantis has those…thingees…


Speaking of thingees…the thingee looks like a baby now. 16 weeks, 4 days, 4 hours to go, but who’s counting right?


Boy or girl? Dunno. We had the nurse write the gender in this card just in case we HAD to know.


Either way we’re prepared with some homespun super-sweet gender-neutral jammies.


Brinley was exploding with jealousy at the very thought of not having her own set of custom jammies, so she was on the job immediately.


Careful now, no need for puncture wounds. Yet.


Why do for your kids what they can do themselves? I’m proud to say that Brinley hemmed the pants with little help from me.


Voila! That’s the Fancy Nancy way of saying “Check this out!”


Drew was selected to be the first Top Dog of his class, which gave him the opportunity to make big crafty messes at home to show off at school.


Can anybody guess who the Top Dog is? That kid in the back got it no time. Try not to look so disappointed Scoob. Ok…


Now he’s playing the shy card while his super teacher tells the class about all the super things Drew does and likes.


Let’s zoom in for a closer look.


Yep, that boy sure is busy!


As the temperatures dropped outside, a storm was brewing inside…


Not even five minutes later… How do you spell her name? T-R-O-U-B-L-E.


All that troublemaking came to a grinding halt with a nasty case of the flu. I would’ve rather had the trouble.


Indoor craft season is well underway with preparations for Halloween.


What no instant gratification? Bust out the hair dryer and those paper bag pumpkins will be dry in no time!