We’re almost ready to hit the road and the kids have been doing a great job helping us pack for the trek west. But, with fewer and fewer toys laying around, Rowan has relentlessly sought for new things to entertain herself with. Take the rosemary bush for example. It’s minding it’s own business as a refugee from the winter in our bedroom, and then wham!


Looks like Ro has been closely studying her big sister’s ballet technique. Nice form!


Rowan, are you wearing a disposable diaper!? Long story short, a ridiculously bad diaper rash resulted in a MRSA infection that has to be treated with antibiotic cream and meds. Now before you go Google MRSA here’s a warning: The sight of a MRSA infection is not for the faint! Poor Ro, get better soon k! 


Well you’re already deep into this mess, but why ruin a good shirt?


Ever since this rash thing has been going on I’ve tried to limit Rowan to the BRAT diet, which works but isn’t too filling. Looks like Rowan is hoping for rock candy…


Turns out it’s a real rock. At least it’s a tasty rock right? Mmmm…not exactly what she bargained for.


Ok, fun’s over, time to clean up this mess. Hey Ro-dog, that vacuum is running! Curiosity killed the…oh nevermind.


I spy trouble. This may not end well.


(insert loud sucking sound here)


I’m laughing so hard I can’t even focus!