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Once we got settled we immediately jumped on priority #1: Halloween Costumes! That frightful night was just around the corner and we didn’t have anything ready. We pulled the team together and got it done in no time.

Drew & Binnie both sewed their own candy bags…


Brinley made hers out of a very stretchy material for the heavy haul she was hoping for. Ohhh yeah!


In case there might have been confusion, the scholar made sure his bag was easily identifiable.


Kristy trained Rowan in the fine art of stabbing large orange vegetables.


Brinley’s pumpkin had to be scary. That may have been helped along with Daddy’s sound effects.


I see two scary pumpkins: An orange one, a red one, and Brinley.


Which one is scarier, the one with all his teeth or the one without?


The Tres Caballeros ready for their night of spooking. Theme anyone?


The turtle got to show off his costume earlier at skoo during the parade. That boy has blended right into his new class.


The jellyfish. Look but don’t touch! (Her candy that is)


The octopus. Hey, I don’t have a bag! You guys get candy and all I get is a glow stick?!


Trunk or Treat is a fantastic idea: High yield from little effort. Drew skipped all the way to the church building.


Trick or Treat! Hmm…no answer. Maybe they’re scared of the glowing blue orb outside. wowowowowow…


Those bags are getting heavy, but no matter. Those sea creatures will call a tow truck if they have to. Grampa can you…?


we like to move it move it

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We’re settled in and mostly unpacked now, and figured it might be time to open the valve on the backlog of photos that are piling up. An extremely big thank you goes out to all those who helped us jam almost all our stuff into that tiny storage unit! So, how did it go? It goes like this…

Dog of Destruction pauses for a drink during her WWE debut on Spike. Notice her jammies are still zipped and snapped up to the top. How she pulled her arm out of the sleeve and through the neck remains a mystery. 


The toys disappeared but this space ranger still provided plenty of entertainment.


The house is empty, I’m bored, hungry, and want to leave. That’s what the belly told me that the baby said.


Cheddar was thrilled about his upcoming 9-hour Rocky Mountain Tour.


Edgar really seemed to enjoy it. He was allowed out of his box, so that may have had something to do with it.


It wasn’t long into our adventure that Rowan was disappointed with the tour. She had seen all this scenery before, and the snack bar wasn’t really satisfying. She took Daddy’s snacks and stayed awake until the last 15 minutes of the drive. Woohoo!   


There was another lump of flesh in the back of the car, but it didn’t make a sound for hours.


And it came to pass that the youngest generation was a loud and stiff-necked people, who set their hearts upon the things of the world… 


I know what your thinking, Drew’s head is on backwards. That tends to happen when you have two first days of skoo in the same year.


Drew’s first day at his new school happened to be “backwards day.” Way to be on top of it Scoob!


New desk. New teach. New friends. New fun!


Same old reward for doing well. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!


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