i spy

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With my tired eyes…

4 neglected children.

One hiding from the camera with poopy pants.

One wishing she wasn’t elected as the babysitter.

One performing the tasks set before him.

And one cat napping in a spot safe from wandering feet and falling debris.


We’ll be home tomorrow. Home sweet (freezing cold) home!

inside out

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There’s been a lot going on inside and out lately. We’re wrapping up our last week in St. Geezy, and it’s been a great time! Thanks to all the family and old and new friends that have made us feel welcome. We couldn’t have done it without your support…

Last week Uncle Mark rolled through town and made sure to give Drew & Brinley the nickel tour of his sweet ride. It’s a Peterbilt for dang’s sake!


Before the visit was over Uncle Mark asked D&B to ensure that his rig was properly working before moving down the open road. Lights? Check!


Ye olde tire thumper, which Brinley executed with the grace of a true ballerina. Yes, ballerinas and truck stops. Yup. Thaaat’s right.


Lights fading…limbs wrapped…temperature rising…zzzzzzz…Either that or she’s already learned to pucker her lips and make smokey eyes at the boys.


Smokey eyes?! Now that’s funny!


Check out my crow’s feet! And when I relax my face they magically disappear. Don’t even start to think you can afford the lotion I use.


Rowan made sure to fully enjoy the great meals we received from the generous people of our ward. Hey Rowan, are you gonna put mayonnaise in your hair when you’re older? Just asking…


You’re gonna put what in your hair?!


Up on top of Dixie rock there was one rule: Hold to the rod, the iron rod. They even sang the song. Should we tell them it’s actually steel? Nah.


And it came to pass that they wandered on forbidden paths and became lost and were smote on the head despite their great strength.


But behold they did repent of their ways and did build their foundation upon the rock and became strong again.


The studio got left in Denver, but we were still able to put together Eleanor’s first model portfolio. When there’s a will, there’s a way! Why so serious, E?





Eleanor is a good sleeper, once you actually get her to sleep! She likes to wiggle and squirm out of her swaddle, although in this case it appears that she wanted her head swaddled too.


Finally zonked! See you in 4-6 hours!


sparkle & scream

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Mommy and Elea-snort needed some uninterrupted nap time the other day, so I rounded up the troops and headed out in search of two-purpose activities. Two, you ask? Exactly. Why only have fun or just work when you can have fun and work at the same time? It’s the man’s version of multi-tasking. My first target was easy: Sally was sitting in the driveway just begging for a good scrub down. And so it went… 

Keeping track of three kids in a carwash stall while documenting the momentous occasion proved to be rather difficult. As soon as I had Drew set on a task, I had lost Brinley and Rowan was looking mischievously at the ground.


My worst fears were realized when she stuck her hands in the mud and then rubbed them all over the car.


I actually didn’t have to look for Brinley. She was whining for her turn to hose down the van. Turns out she not only sprays well, but a beam of sunshine comes out of her forehead for quick dry results. A sunbeam…a sunbeam…


It was becoming apparent that both big kids were going to end up victims of friendly fire with Rowan holding the trigger…


If the van didn’t get clean, the stall and the drain pipe sure did.


As well as Rowan’s shoes.


Ok, no more fighting over who gets a turn. Drew you squeeze and Brinley you aim. Looks like they’re both satisfied with this compromise. Riiiiight.


Eventually I had to actually get the car clean. The monkeys seemed able to take care of themselves while I did the heavy scrubbing.


The iPod helped though, as they were drumming the beat and singing along while I rinsed away the evidence.


D&B must have chosen a song that wasn’t a favorite of Rowan’s.


Mission accomplished! Car is clean and nobody got run over. Off to the promised land!


Ahhhh! Sweet reward!


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