closing the gap

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The blog has become a lot like Drew’s smile: Full of gaps. The difference is while the gaps on the blog are getting smaller, the gaps in Drew’s smile are getting bigger!

Drew went to bed the other night only to come out of his room 5 minutes later beaming (and bleeding) with this tiny nugget of guaranteed income. Here’s the evidence:


Alright, time to get going on this gap-closing business. Way back when we were still in St. George we had a baby that needed blankets, since all of ours were in storage. Drew was more than happy to help.


And of course, anything your brother can do, you must do better.


Nice work dude! Grandma was so impressed the kids inherited their own sewing machine.


We’ve had bad luck with vacuums lately. After our vacuum broke, we stumbled across an almost new vacuum at a thrift store that we thought needed a little cleaning and some TLC. It worked great…for two weeks, and then suffered from the same problem as our other vacuum. So,…$37 later we are waiting for parts. just lovely…


Having 4 kids can be challenging at times.  This is the only way to keep this little “helper” from being underfoot. She looks pretty happy for a poorly paid slave!


Ryan is learning the art of multi-tasking. Atta boy!


Once Daddy’s back started to ache, it was apparent that what our 21-month-old child really needed was more responsibility. Would she be up to the task?


Aww, what a good Ro-mama!


Yes Rowan, being the mommy is exhausting!


Apparently sorting laundry is all it takes for Brinley…


Drew was super excited to make new friends at his third school this school year. It just so happened that his first day of school was also his birthday! He started off the day right, with a nutritious peanut butter & chocolate birthday banana. Nummy!


Drew’s St. George class made sure that his new school would be properly notified of the rock star in their midst.


You’re new here. It’s your birthday. And your mom brought cupcakes?! You’re my new best friend!


Since Drew’s birthday was kind of swallowed up in the move & new baby, he took matters into his own hands and made his own birthday cake. He  looks pretty upset about it, don’t you think?


Yeah, yeah it’s a cake mix. And it goes against everything I believe in. So shoot me!


Happy Birthday Drew! Big #7!


I don’t know if it was the toothless smile or the lucky Batman shirt, but those candles went from flaming to smoking in milliseconds.


We celebrated St. Patty’s day in style when a friend brought us a delicious & festive green dinner.  I’m  totally incapable of creating gourmet meals like this right now. Maybe someday I’ll get my groove back.


Sometimes being the middle child can be hard. Especially when you jump on a bean bag without knowing the corner of the bed is lurking underneath it.


Day 2 revealed a mean looking bruise. It goes along with the loose piggies, and the popcorn remnants in her hair. Never a dull moment (or clean carpet) around here. ever…



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Things are getting close to normal around here, so we’ve served up a big bowl of ketchup soup for you to slurp on while we keep on attacking the boxes of mystery that are lurking in the basement. Normally we wouldn’t bother, but we still can’t find some items that are hard to live without!

Here is Eleanor at 6 weeks, her first big smile! She’s doing well and growing fast. But wait! This looks like the end of the movie!? Ellie hasn’t gotten much face time on the blog, so we thought we would dedicate a whole post to her and her rapidly growing self.

first smile

Is the tape all the way rewound? Alrighty, here we go. Here is the first cloth diaper E ever wore. Can you do the Can Can? She can!


Let the freak flag fly! We’ve never talked about it much, but we’ve been solely cloth diapering since Ro-dawg was born. We’ve built up quite the stash. This is just Eleanor’s!


Many of the diapers we have (like this one) are homemade.


We made boy diapers, we made girl diapers. We made some diapers out of bamboo, and others out of T-shirts. Fly Worlando!


It makes a lot of sense to us to diaper this way. Have you seen the price of disposables at Costco these days? It’ll make your face do this!


To fix your face, we recommend going to the spa. Soak away all that anxiety with Burt’s Bees aromatherapy.

bath time

Then when you’re ready, get a massage from the elite staff. They’re trained to please!

kids in charge

After your soak, warm up in a nice toasty wrap while you get your hair did.


Don’t take too long though; you don’t want to miss the show! We’ve had this swing since Drew was born. We thought this bad boy had given up, but it looks like its back for another round. The music still doesn’t play, the lights don’t flash, and the mobile doesn’t rotate anymore, but it still swings! Curse the day it dies for good!


When it’s all said and done, scoot on home in your sweet ride, complete with a custom heavy contrast paint job.


So E, how was your day at the spa?

First I was stripped naked, then I got soaking wet, and then three hairless pink monkeys started rubbing their hands all over me!


That sounds crazy! Are you sure?

That’s not the half of it! After they attacked me, they rolled me up in a carpet and put me on some creaky old roller coaster! I must have blacked out from all the g’s, cuz when I woke up all I could see was a bunch of crazy circles and stripes!


I swear it’s true! (It’s hard to doubt a face like this!)


Exqueeze me, I have one more thing to say…

exqueeze me

…but it will have to wait till later…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


we’re here…kinda

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This picture pretty much sums up the last three weeks.  So much to do, so little time. We are home, but it doesn’t feel like home yet. It feels like our stuff got dumped in an empty shell of a house, and we’ve been struggling to find things ever since. Of course, having a newborn doesn’t help. Then the baby swing decided to give up the ghost, as did the vacuum and the laptop. Then there was the shattered glass shower door incident. And did I mention the mouse nest in the dryer? oh yes…fun times!

But don’t read this like we’re whining! We are ecstatic to finally be in our own home, to reconnect with old friends, and for the new friends we’ve made in the last 3 weeks. But why do we have so much junk? And where are the toaster and the rocking chair? Oh how I miss the rocking chair…how does such an important piece of furniture just evaporate? Especially when there are two babies in this house!

Then there are the big dreams. Paint samples, DIY magazines, furniture on craigslist, oh MY!

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