made it to the big time

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Drew has carefully developed multiple streams of passive income. Make no mistake, this boy is a hard worker who thinks about others. But this boy is getting rich! All through losing teeth and getting older. Ryan thinks there should be a payback for losing hair too. Nice try baldy. So Scoob, let us in on what your plans are for your vast financial empire!

Great Grandma F sent the traditional B-day check, and he bugged us enough that we finally got around to cashing it for him. I think it was his threat of charging us interest that got us moving. That and it’s been nearly two months since his birthday. 


Am I seeing things, or is all that money giving Drew a big head?


Sorry Drew, you’re a high roller, just not high roller enough to afford perfecting your golf swing. You could always wait for more money! Nah… 


Drew’s gonna get really wet and go really fast all while enjoying a really questionable 3D experience! Big plans I tell you!


Being the humble and practical financial guru that he is, Drew opted for a smarter option. Nothin’ beats the original.


Drew is foaming at the mouth to customize his pad. Just like the rest of us!


Get your girl a bouquet of flowers, get your pig a bouquet of parsley. It’s the secret to happiness.


Wise investments leave you with options. With a $8.99 Slip ‘N’ Slide and $.67 of parsley in hand, Drew still had $14.53 in his pocket. Nice work Scoob! That’s plenty for some sweet paint in his room. And a sweet Dilly Bar too (of course)!


missed calls

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There are plenty of times when the lives of the celebrities are not documented with professional photo equipment. Things often happen quickly and without warning, and being part of the “now” generation enables us to capture these moments with a quick twist of the wrist.

Where are we headed Ro? This backseat driver seized the opportunity to become a front seat driver, and she loved it. 


El seems down with it. Happy girl, ready to roll!


We’ve had some pretty good luck with thrift stores as we outfit the house with basic needs, like dressers, desks, etc. It’s a little risky though, because once Brinley laid her eyes on this flawless piece of advertising there was no leaving the store without it. 


But something did get left at the store. Jade Lola, Brinley’s cabbage patch doll, was not in the car at the next stop. I was sure it was a lost cause, but we hauled back to the thrift store to see if we could find it. We searched high and low, with no sign of it anywhere, and we sadly headed for the exit doors. Meanwhile Brinley dropped to her knees, used some mustard seed faith and prayed that she would find her doll. Not 10 seconds later this distraught mother was reunited with her child. Whew…the faith of a child is amazing!


Have we mentioned that Rowan likes zebra print?


Elea-soak loves baths. Just another day in paradise, with the spring garden in full swing!


Time to make dinner. Thanks for helping Rowan! It’s kind of a bummer that she is tall enough to grab things off the counter.


Desert was tasty though. All 2 dozen were snarfed in less than 5 minutes, because they are Ryan’s favorite and he has no idea how to savor them.


Aunt Jenna has been supplying us with a gravy train of free Chick-Fil-A coupons…the kids love stopping in after a day of shopping to let loose.


Rowan isn’t quite big enough for the playground, but that didn’t stop Drew from making sure she had the time of her life. He was sweaty from lifting her through the playland several times! Way to go Scoob!


Drew, Brinley and Rowan had chicken strips. Eleanor had two servings of fist, biggie sized!


All I wanted to do was take a nice stroll around the neighborhood. I don’t know what other plans Rowan had, but clearly I had ruined her day.




Tantrums may lack maturity, but they burn a lot of calories!


While Rowan snoozed in the hallway I was able to finish a quick sewing project. When I tried it on my model she laughed and cooed. What girl doesn’t like new clothes?




Once the beast woke it was clear she was finished making her point. Or maybe it was her new zebra minkee blanket that made it all better…BABAAAAAA!


irrigation springs

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Thanks for joining us on this momentus occasion. We are gathered here to inaugurate a glorious and exciting summer season ahead, which we are celebrating today (well, two days ago, before the rain monsoon arrived) with the traditional turning on of the sprinklers!

Rowan was very excited, and dressed appropriately for the occasion.


What she didn’t anticipate was the heat that would be generated in the backyard. The kind of heat that makes you sweat. Disco sweat. Sweatin’ to the oldies. Where is Richard Simmons? Go Brinley!


AirDrew is a seasoned veteran of this celebration. And in honor of his experience he made certain to wear his shoes on the wrong feet. Some habits die hard…


 Looks like we’ve caught this fair beauty by surprise! The idea is to get wet!


Not just wet, Brinley says. Completely soaked! Nice job! 


This soggy boy is going around for another lap. It was only after he stopped running that he got cold.


Meanwhile, Daddy was in the front and side yard attempting to contain the geysers that erupted without warning. Ah, the joys of home ownership!

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