the natives are restless

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Deep in the Jungle of Home, two little girls puttered around making new discoveries. As the sun rose from the horizon,  the light warmed their faces and reminded them of the comforts of their new base camp. Looks like it’s a good dream!


G’morning Eleanor! Good to see you too!


Before we started off into the forest, Elle wanted to get her blood pumping with a little asian-inspired workout called Ella-Fu. Hiiiiiiiiiiyah!


Let’s get to work. We’re almost finished with this sweet little tarp you’ve been dying to spit on. I’ll sew, you supervise, man the text messages and keep watch for fee-rocious animals. Deal!


While Soggy-In-Her-Pants needed a change, Ro-Dog was busy trapping tigers. Cheddar didn’t seem to mind wearing El’s pj’s…for about .00002 seconds.


It’s ok Ro-mama, you can help me take care of the baby that won’t run away. How about wiping a little jungle drool off her mouth?


No, not in her mouth, I said off her mouth…



These two are rapidly becoming each other’s BFF. And will end up partners in crime, no doubt.


What do New Orleans and Eleanor have in common? They both are nicknamed ” The Big Easy”…And they both have an oil slick down south…


Rowan, on the other hand…

Once she saw her zebra skins and foal go into the dryer she sprung into action like only a 1.9-year-old superhero would and threw a huge tantrum to save her “baba” from complete devastation. It’s important to keep the hut clean, Rowee!


I tried to get her mind off of them and put her to work in the fire pit. She didn’t quite grasp the concept of the pepper grinder.


But salting the day’s kill was a cinch!


But, no good deed goes unpunished…


Just the same we ended up with delicious roasted sweet potatoes, made by Roast Toast herself!


The reward was sweet when her skins and pony emerged dry and toasty from the dryer. Aaaaaahhhhh….


Meanwhile, Eleanor was already very well acquainted with Princess Brinley, Ruler of the Vine. But she had no idea that Drew was the real Peter Pan. Are we in Neverland?!


Neverland turned out to be the cold confines of the garage. Thanks to Peter Pan accidentally locking the door behind him, the kids and I enjoyed the afternoon locked out of the hut with no spears. After making hieroglyphics on all possible surfaces of the concrete jungle with chalk, Daddy finally came home from the hunt…


Nothing beats jungle thumb jerky.


Sorry Rowan, no babas allowed at the rain dance. Sweet ‘do though!



To celebrate May Day, Rowan enjoyed a shortbread cookie on a spear. They are REALLY good with strawberry jam. Rowan might be an old squaw before she knows that.


This…is my pooping face.




And this…is my poopy face. Put the camera down and change me!


Ro-Chefity back in the fire pit, sauteing some zuke for dinner.


Once the day’s adventure is done, there is no reward better than soaking in the whirlpool while enjoying homemade triple berry ice cream for desert. Ohhhhh yeah!


At the end of the day Rowan is no different than Eleanor…plus four zebras.


hail to the princess

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Brinley’s glorious and brilliant days as a Kindergartner are getting closer and closer. The princess is five years old! We’re so proud of Binnie and the help she’s been at home with cleaning, moving, and keeping Ro-dog and/or Elea-moose entertained while Mommy and Daddy have toiled away unpacking and organizing her castle. We are grateful servants!

The Princess wants. The Princess gets. The Princess requests pink candy on her cake. Well whaddyaknow, pink Skittles. Score!


She’s a working princess, mostly because she wants things done her way.


If pink candy wasn’t enough, the cake and frosting must also be pink. A real princess ain’t afraid to get dirty.


All this work of pink can make a princess exhausted. I command my servant Sir Drew to provide the traditional sugar rush. Proceed!


The sugar is flowing and the princess is back on shedule. Yes, schedule.


But, for good measure, let the princess have one more!


The masterpiece is almost complete, with princess-sharp perfection!


No complaints here. Think Cinderella never picked up a mop after the wedding? Think again! 


I know you want to see a pic of the cake, but you’re going to have to wait a little longer. We are enjoying apple-cinnamon pancakes with whipped cream, bananas, and pineapple, as ordered by her majesty. Maybe dis ere princess be from de island? Yah mahn!



Behold, the sugary gateway to happiness! How divine!


I command Daddy to ignite the beacons of beauty! All hail! The princess is five!


These beacons of beauty were the special re-igniting kind. Specifically requested of course, so that her majesty could make multiple wishes. What did she wish for? She’s not telling!



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