So, we got dirty. We’ve established that. But was that all? Of course not! There was A LOT of planning and effort that went into making our mountain adventure a week to remember. Everyone contributed in different ways and we all had a great time. Here’s to us! ha! Just a warning…if you ain’t blood, this post might not be for you.

Did an occasional rain shower dampen our spirits? Naw, we had Ro-witchie to scare the clouds away. You can literally see the lightning bolts coming out of her fingertips! Mommeeeee!

the witch

The fam would like to thank this guy for making the trip a screaming success. He brought everything we could possibly need, even the kitchen sink! literally!!

mr. fix-it

Dancing With The Stars ain’t got nothin’ on Dancing With Babies. Now that’s a hot show! Especially when your trainer is a former Prom Queen!

dancing with the 'no

Ok, I couldn’t resist. One more pic of the mud bath couldn’t hurt, right? what a bunch of crazies…

mud bath

Run Rowan run! Queenie is gonna get ‘cha!!

big kids

Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it…

playin games

Blondes really do have more fun…

blondes have more fun

Brinley spent some quality time climbing trees. One tree turned out to be Uncle Aric. Watch out Brinley, he bites!

crazy uncle aric

Two E’s keeping each other warm & toasty.

2 e's

This is Brinley’s quarter-staff. Actually, it’s a buck and a quarter quarter-staff, but she’s not admitting to anything. What?



We slaved for hours to create this perfect cake to celebrate Aric’s quarter-centennial. Do you think his wish will come true?

winner winner chicken dinner

Here’s the mess hall at Camp David. This is where it all went down…the hatch, that is.

camp david

Drew demonstrated his vast knowledge of geothermal physics and re-created the “Old Faithful” geyser right in our campsite. Kapow!

old faithful

There maybe some geothermal physics going on in Ella’s pants too, but she’s not telling. Did you really think we’d miss out on a poop joke?

doot da doo

What?! No recycle bin? What kind of heathens are you people?!


Apparently heathen enough eat the forbidden fruit! Now she knows the difference between sugar and A LOT of sugar.


Livestrong? You wanna live strong? Try a diet consisting of Twinkies and bananas. And try wearing half of it…

eat my short lance armstrong

True to our hippie-color-loving selves we tie-dyed our way into the highest echelons of high (mountain) fashion.

time to dye

While Brinley strolled through the forest she came across the enchanted Fountain of Caffeine…

fountain of addiction

Then she took a swig and discovered the secret to limitless power! Wowowowowowww…


learned from gma

Glub glub…

gimme some

What the? This potion doesn’t have any special powers! It’s just another Mentos ‘n’ Coke! Glub glub urrrrrp…


Of course there were dirt cups! You don’t vacation with D&B without dirt cups, it’s tradition.

not their favorite dessert

Hey guys, are you gonna finish those worms?

cup o dirt

Mission keep Rowan’s-hair-from-gluing-itself-to-her-sticky-face complete. Where’s the parade?

re pigged

Welcome to the World Series of Go Fish, Utah Hold’Em! Entry fee is 25 skittles and a punch mustache. Looks like Aunt Hwenna will be sittin’ out this game.

count your money


This itch is brought to you by the word “disposable”. But cloth diapering for a week in the mountains? I don’t think so!

disposable itch

5 Aces?! Check her sleeves!

card shark

Here’s Drew, caught in the act of swiping a sucker from the “secret” stash. What did he have to say for himself? “Yummy!”


Ella-wooo!! Getting her insides rearranged by her “doting” big sister. Now she’s ready for a nap, thanks Rowan!

giggle monsters

Have you ever tasted the rain? My suggestion is to do it without the filter!

it's raining sunshine

No nap for this tent monkey, which is kinda devastating when you’ve been playing as hard as we were.

no nap

Stubborn doesn’t even begin to cover it… Thanks Kelz for snapping this pic!


Ella-weee!!! This could quite possibly be my favorite picture of the year. love that little girl…

fly like an eagle

Not quite the same as a Mentos ‘n’ Coke, but we might be able to get an official nap out of you this way!

chug chug

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’…into the future…

outdoor woodz

Is that the iCorn 3000? Yeah, I’d like a double-double on wheat with fries & a coke…and don’t forget the fry sauce!


It’s a .44 Magmallow, the world’s most powerful mallow gun…

.44 magmallow

So I’ve got to ask you one question: Do ya feel lucky?

marshmallow semi-automatic

Well, do ya? What a bunch of punks. I had a mallow stuck to my lens after this shot, not cool guys! (although I did ask for it…)

heavy artillery

Luck had a little hiccup as Drew rode the wheels off this 4-wheeler, but Grandpa had it fixed before Ryan could find someone to pass Eleanor to so he could give it a shot…

tune up

As soon the glitch was fixed, Drew hit the trail again and made up for lost time. The boy and the machine have become one!



When it was time to retire the beast Drew had no qualms about putting it away himself. Grandpa was just there to supervise!

drew has no fear

Sunset, the best time of the day. The kids are winding down & getting ready for bed. The fire is roaring…ahhh, yes.


sunset tree

This mountain adventure is winding down, and it couldn’t come any sooner. All of our kids are wandering around with a punch drunk look on their face!

punch drunk

We saved the homemade vanilla-bean mallows for our last night on the mountain.

mallow time

The homemade variety is trickier to roast, but the taste is unparalleled. Amazing barely covers it…


This rugged gentleman wasn’t cooking for himself; he shared his kill with us lowly scrubs. Thanks dude!

double trouble

Here’s one lowly scrub displaying his finesse and professionalism like no one else can…or would.



In the event that Rowan wasn’t exhausted enough to sleep most of the drive home, she got to stay up with the big kids for the late night premiere.

up late

Is this movie in 3D? Why is there a campfire in the theater? And where are my Raisinettes?

movie night

We ended the trip with a bang, that’s for sure!