Christmas is still lingering over here, and not just around our waistlines! dough! Christmas 2010 was awesome! Having our own home made a huge difference. We had a place to hang stockings for the first time ever! Yes! It wasn’t a banner year for our Christmas tree, however. Rowan and Eleanor teamed up to ensure that the few ornaments that had survived years of toddler abuse were tortured to death…

When it came time to read & act out the Christmas story, Drew & Brinley took it upon themselves to look the part. This is a historically accurate remake of the first Christmas. A Chick-Fil-A cow in the stable? Sure why not…


When we bought the house it came with a trashbag of lights stuffed in a corner the basement. Our thanks go out to the previous owners for making it possible for us to hang lights this year. Before heading to bed D, B, & R made sure to liberally distribute sparkly reindeer food on the lawn to attract such pests.


Isn’t it weird how Santa comes right after the kids go to sleep? Ho Ho Ho…


Busted! This little Santa spy tried to get a peek at the goods. notsomuch. Eleanor had a tooth that was trying to peek through her gums, and she was sure to tell us allllll about it!


There were no children harmed immediately following this photo. Dig the gray paint dots on the wall?


Isn’t this what every kid should look like on Christmas morning?


Or this? (a collection of the world’s finest root beers, glug glug!)


Looks like Santa has also heard your cries Ellie! At long last, your own amber necklace! You & Rowan will blaze the trail for homeopathic remedies and look cute to boot!


To avoid overstimulation we took an intermission halfway through present opening. So while the clean-up of Hurricane Noel was in progress, Eleanor got pumped up for what might be in the next box…


The cinnamon rolls were made & left to rise, homemade eggnog chilling in the fridge. Dee-lish! Say, is my vision getting blurry?


Maybe the blur is the anger welling up inside! During the commotion this rogue stallion made a disaster of the blackberry pie that had been slated for dessert…


Maybe that sugar binge wasn’t such a great idea. Why is everything moving so fast?! All we know is that this lens has already said its first word…”MAMA!?”


Too much sugar, too much fun. The room is starting to spin…in a good way!


Santa may not have given the kids rocks for Christmas, but we made sure not to let Drew & Brinley miss out. You can make these rocks shiny! The kids wasted no time getting the tumbler up & running.


Hey Drew, how long are you going to play with that toy? To infinity and beyond! That was really cheesy, but I couldn’t resist. Can you blame me? I come in peace!


The spirit of Christmas was alive with my Grandma’s nativity on display. She handmade it in ’86 and passed away in ’91. I love having a piece of her with us…



The day is almost done, the fire is warm, bellies are full…


Still haven’t had enough? We threw the remaining orphan photos into a handy dandy slideshow…