kitchen elves

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When the weather gets crafty (read: crappy) and our outdoor plans are turned to squash, we get pretty bored staring at our colorful walls. When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than cooking up a great meal! All it takes is for someone to pull out a cutting board and the kitchen converts to a Keebler elf tree house.

This mischievous little nymph wanted to get her hands dirty and help make eggplant parmesan. Take it away Rowan; I’ve never been a fan of the egg wash! Slimy!


This little fairy’s wings must be clipped. Don’t look at me with that face! Yeah, yeah…you are so neglected!


Eggplant parm phase 2. Lookin’ good! Show that vegetable who’s boss…


Ah-ha! Your true identity has been revealed, little troll! Your hypnotic wailing won’t work on me this time! Can’t you find a cupboard or something to get into? I’m working here…


Make sure that eggplant gets evenly coated in bread crumbs Rowan, nobody likes a soggy eggplant! It’s got to be as crunchy as your tree huggin’ mama!


Brinley tried to remember what it was like to have the warm summer air blow through her hair while her side dish went round & round. That’s not a tumor; it’s a double-chin!


Chef Drew, would you care to enlighten us? “This is how I dice olives. I don’t make the horizontal cuts in toward the pit after making the downward cuts.  So I make the vertical slices, and then just start the dicing. It naturally falls apart. Then I run the knife through the pile of dice just for good measure.” What did he say? 


No touchy touchy Rowan, we’ve got to save those olives for dinner. And that spatula is lookin’ pretty weird…


Rowan, caught red-handed! Check out the blur of intense focus on Drew’s face, I told you he takes his food seriously! Doesn’t look like our beloved spatula will live to see another taco Tuesday…


Good thing we have a backup spatula, otherwise Brinley would be a hand-flipping little tortilla girl, and that just sounds dangerous…


How’s that taco taste Nellie? Hey, if you don’t like it take it up with the captain, but don’t shoot the cooks!


once upon a house…

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…There lived a beautiful princess. She had four babies first, and then finally got to move into her very own castle. The place needed a little sprucing up, but this was an opportunity that she and her dragon had been dreaming of for 9 years. So off they went, enjoying their time with the little ones as they made plans for transforming this quaint quarters into a resplendent roost!


A year rolled by…was the princess pleased with the progress of her pad? Let’s ask the magic mirror! Lookin’ good!


Isn’t it a good thing that dragons aren’t afraid of heights? The previous inhabitants painted the walls to suit their fancy, but they weren’t all that cautious when it came to avoiding the ceiling. So, all has been made new!


What a precarious perch! Careful dragon, don’t forget you left your wings at work!


Descending to the dungeon…Alright enough with that princess mushy goo! The earth tones are out and the jewel tones are in! Out here in the man-cave we’re making space out of thin air! Oh yeah! Hey Mommy! Daddy says this is my new bunk bed! Haha!


Ok, back to work. Drew you hold up the shelf with your head while I put the screws in. Let me know if any poke through. Ai!


It’s been great to look back over the last year and see all the fun we’ve had making this place our own. We’ve definitely caught the home improvement bug, as we have big plans for this summer. Most of all it’s been great to have the help that we’ve received from the kids and all of you who have stopped by to lend a hand. Thanks for your help!

it’s great to be eight

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No doubt about it, turning 8 has not only been an exciting time for Drew, but for all of us. There have been a lot of fun and new experiences that Drew has been able to share with us, and we’re super-proud and happy for him. Hit the lights, crank the music, it’s time to celebrate!

If your lunch items are wrapped up like presents, does that mean they taste better?


Mama was out of commission, so Ryan whipped up some mathematical cupcakes for Drew & his class. Each one was frosted with an equation that adds up to eight (except for one that only added up to 7…oops). What a nice “house-husband”. That sounds kinda weird, but so is Ryan…


After school Drew got to put his own dang candles on his own dang (cup)cake…a firefighter’s nightmare!


Lookin’ mightier than an olympic torch! Happy Berfday Scoob! Let’s tear open some presents!


The most special part of turning 8 was a very important decision Drew made. Drew decided to follow the Savior’s example and get baptized. Ryan baptized and comfirmed him a member of the church. It was a decision that Drew thought long & hard about. 


We’re all so proud of you Drew! Thanks for being a great example to all your little sisters, and to us! (Wanna know more about baptism and what we believe? Click here.)


We’re also grateful for all the wonderful support Drew got from our extended family. The baptism “after-party” got a little rowdy…a total of 30 relatives in our house at the same time! Thanks everybody! Sadly this is the only shot I got of the fam all weekend.


Turning 8 also means that Drew is now an official Cub Scout. Drew aged-in at the perfect time: 10 days before the Pinewood Derby! He didn’t seem very interested in making a car, though. He created the design he wanted for his car only a month in advance. Sand away son!


Looking real good Drew!  The weigh-in is in 24 hours, so you better hurry up!


Ah, finally getting down to the finishing touches. Drew decided he wanted a hot-rod look which required whitewall tires. Of course! Abraham Lincoln’s copper profile helped us avoid getting paint on the wheels. Thanks Abe!


And now…for the reveal! Nice tires!


Looks like a real air-slicer. Is this thing ready to race?


Well if it’s not, somebody better call 911, cuz this ride is hot!


Speaking of hot, a couple of cute skinny blondes showed up to the race to cheer Drew on. Meow!


Gentleman, start your…graphite tubes! Let’s race!


Check out the rookie scout! That shirt is so new it still has creases! Lookin’ sharp!


Drew won some, he lost some. Perfecto! If it weren’t for that laser finish line thingy, some races would’ve been too close to call!


Drew was pretty worried about how his car was performing, can’t you tell?


Way to go Drew!

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