School’s out for summer! We enjoyed watching Drew & Brinley participate in end-of-the-year sports activities, graduation, prom…Ok, got a little carried away on that last one…

Where should we start? On the field of course! Are these girls BFFs? Attached at the hip? Well, they’re attached at the ankle for now. They are ready to win this alien race!


In case the races weren’t exciting enough, Rowan doing the Riverdance was quite the sideshow…


Hey Binnie, that’s a pretty sweet sag in them gangsta jeans you’re wearin’. I think they be Drew’s! And spots, ruffles and stripes? Only the Binbob can rock that style!


Rowan got first place in the clown-hairball shotput competition…not sure what the rules are on that…


Ryan said, “Where’s the war paint? The mud pit? The kilts? This ain’t a real tug ‘o’ war!” I don’t think they care…


This picture of Eleanor pretty much sums up the rest of field day…thud.


This is what Drew got to do instead of field day! Isn’t his little tooshie adorable, though!?


Flippin’ funnel clouds Batman! What can we do to keep the troops entertained while hunkered down inside this scholarly shelter? Creepy puppets are a sure bet! 


All’s well that ends well. We finally got to go home in time for dinner and bedtime. We had to get up early the next day to get the best seats at graduation. The Beacon of Cuteness helped us save seats…as long as she had a cracker.


C’mon, sing it! Daaah, Da-di-da, daaa-daaaah, daaah, da-di-da, daaaaah…Class of 2023!  Brinley made another fashion statement by insisting on wearing her clunky old gym shoes. Gotta  love a girl that knows what she wants…


Each graduate had their name read and any advice they had for next year’s class. The kids in the back are riveted with excitement, can’t you tell!? Are any of these kids on the Honor Roll?


Juice, cake, and hugs were served afterwards in the cafeteria. You ok Brinley?


Aw, Binnie is gonna miss her teacher! We’re gonna miss her too…We’re now without a kindergartner for the next 2 years!


Brinley told us that one of the things she will miss the most is the routine…Art, Gym, Music, Library, Recess…not to mention riding the big yellow bus! Dry those tears Binnie, we have plans for you! Summer School is now in session! Enrollment? Mandatory! Bwahahahahaaa! 


And just like that we have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader!