3 stripes you’re Rowan

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The beautiful streamers and balloons that graced the sleeping chambers of the Zebra were quite a sight to behold. Unfortunately, the timing was off. Don’t get me wrong, the decorations were up for Rowan’s big 3rd birthday, but does she look like she’s ready to party? cough, cough…


Got a nasty cough & cold Roastie? That’s too bad. What is that I see peeking out from under your eye?


Ouchy, nice shiner!  She earned that badge of courage a few days before in a heated battle with a bathtub fixture.


It was apparent that a big fancy cake and presents were the last thing on her mind. That’s ok, we can defer the festivities for another day. But a cupcake is the least we can do while you’re down in the dumps. Feel better soon ok?!


Ahh, there’s my Ro-diggity! It’s only been a couple of days and she’s feeling brand new. That feeling can’t help but be intensified by the creation right in front of her! Keep an eye on Daddy! He might swipe a lick of frosting! Hey, it looks like you’re the one doing the swiping!


The real point of keeping Rowan involved with the cake is that the elements of surprise are being taken care of upstairs. Make sure you use up all of that crusty old Christmas wrapping paper! We don’t want any snow-related holiday reminders sitting around the house in June! 


What’s for lunch? Sugar-baked Zebra head. Yum!


Happy turd birthday Rowan! Turd? Yeah, don’t be a turd; blow those candles out and let’s eat! 


How’s that zebra head taste? A little gamey?


Well, it doesn’t seem to bother this wild animal…


She must have heard that her presents were ready, because now she’s just stuffing it down the hatch. Whoa cute-striped-pony, whoa!


Oooh and you covered your mouth! How lady-like!


The shades were a much needed replacement for her old broken ones. Meanwhile, Rowan’s stable of hoofed animals seems to have no limit. She’s got 6 different forms of zebra…and now she’s breaking into horses?! 


I wonder if Rowan will work with animals when she’s older. She seems to love all creatures…with the exception of bugs. She might be tough, rough, and full of fire, but she’s a girly girl at heart.


Remember when I said rough? That wild appetite cannot be tamed!


Rowan have you put on some weight, or is that just a Zebra hiding under your shirt? Ha! Looking good Roastie!


red robbery

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Every once in a while the treat becomes the main attraction of FHE night. When this happens it seems the lesson is forgotten, but the most important thing is doing something fun as a family. In this case, we headed to Red Robin for all you can eat (or drink?) root beer floats.

What’s goin’ on small fry? 


After we sat down we noticed a lot of stares from other tables. Then it hit us: Drew had come here without bottoms! Drew!?! When we said bottomless, we were talking about the drinks!


Are the fries getting a little too salty Ellie? Time to move on to the sweet stuff!


Go ahead Ellie, dive right in…Brinley style…


It’s awfully quiet around this table…where’s Rowan? Just listen for the sound of gulping…


That float stache is coming in nice Binnie. Make sure your Root to Float ratio remains constant! This is science in the summertime! 


Uh-oh, somebody’s well has run dry…Keep your shorts on Drew! Here comes another frosty mug!


Looks like Eleanor has mastered Brinley-style eating and added her own flair by throwing her head back…


Good thing you came up for some air Rowan; your face was turning a creamy brown!


Three mugs into the race Brinley got a strange look on her face. She started talking gibberish about a buzzing noise in the back of her head…


Hey waiter! What did you put in these drinks? These kids are lookin’ mighty suspicious to me! 


Oh I get it…sugar saturation level has peaked! As good as it tastes we just can’t swallow another sip, eh Eleanor?


Thanks for taking care of the tip Ellie. Where’d you get the money? Has anybody seen my wallet?


Was it worth it to drive clear across town to consume massive quantities of root beer and ice cream? Totally worth it, because we robbed us some balloons! Funny how honesty was the FHE lesson topic…Attaboy for positive reinforcement!


el jardin

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Cue the Rocky theme song! In May we took on our most ambitious garden project ever. More tiny plots? Please! We’re full-blown farmers now! Even though it rained a ton in May there were just enough sunny days to construct our massive shrine to agriculture.

Now before we get too proud of ourselves, let’s examine our slippery slope of self-abuse. Ryan’s doing his best to look manly next to the haul he brought home in his minivan…er…truck! He had to take all the seats out except the driver’s seat to bring this load home. Thank goodness he was able to deliver everything we needed in one trip…yeah, not so much…


We started by tearing out the crusty grub-infested grass. Then came the hard part: digging into that horrible rock-hard Colorado clay. Even if you get it wet, it’s still like trying to chip concrete with a Slurpee straw. And then there was the buried treasures…a rusty paint can lid…the gravel pit…but no electric cables or gas lines, whew!


These clod-busters might look like loafers, but they were great helpers from start to finish.


Uh-oh, Eleanor just busted a clod in her pants…Aarrrgh not another poop joke!!!


With half the backyard sprinklers out of commission the kids were more than happy to keep the turf wet…They had a little help…


mmm…Ice cold mountain water with a hint of garden hose…dee-lish.


Alright, Day 2! More like “Day…Who-Cares-We’ve-Lost-Track.” Let’s get greezed up O Fair-Skinned One; we have a lot more shoveling to do…


Top of the mornin’ to ya Ellie! That’s a big mountain of crappy clay you’re sitting on…Actually, if it was crappy it might have been worth keeping!


…denver craigslist > for sale / wanted > free stuff … 3 yards of worthless dirt…get it while it’s hot!


Does a princess sitting on the crud make it more attractive? It was gone the day we listed it, so that must’ve done the trick. Yup, for sure!


The new garden is so huge that the swingset had to be relocated to the opposite side of the yard. Ryan kept working on the garden rather than digging post holes for the swingset, so only Eleanor was light enough to enjoy it for several days. She seemed pretty upset about it:


Now wait! Don’t get the impression that we’re not into small gardens anymore. “Small” is relative, these plots are where the zucchini, melons and other giant vines are growing. 


We learn more each year we do this. We’ve heard that marigolds are really are good at keeping the mean bugs away. So far so good; only one big bug and she seems pretty harmless…


I’m not so sure about this one…better go get the swatter. (Nice model pose Bin-bug!)


A few days passed and there was still no wait line for the swing, so Ellie took the opportunity to swing like the bigs do…Stop that Ellie! It makes you look older!


That’s it! You’re in the way and underfoot Ellie! Penalty box, 5 minutes! She even has the toothy hockey player smile to boot! 


She quickly discovered that the penalty box was a lot like a sandbox, and then she didn’t want to leave…


-3+6=9. That’s how dirt works. We took 3 yards of dirt out and put 6 in, so that means 9 yards of dirt…so far…


If only all the shovel-benders of the world were this cute; we might actually forgive their laziness!


Then it happened…another trip to Orange/Blue… Surprise! Daddy promises that this is the last time…before the next time! Eleanor walks about 60% of the time now, as long as she’s not wearing shoes.


Excellent work Ellie! Looks like you’ve found the latest in high-fashion transportation. I think Rowan was expecting to be self-propelled…


We’re up to 10 yards now…and 10 shades of brown!


Where’s Drew? Man down! Looks like he’s caught a severe case of lazysummerafternoonitis. Poor kid…


Have you ever played Float the Rag? I’m not sure what the rules are, but I do know hats with headbands are required.


Oh-no, it’s an epidemic! Rowan, can you hear me?! Speak Rowan! mmmmfffbldrphh? I knew it! 


Looks like that species of Bin-bug has been identified…it’s a water bug, duh.


And now the reveal:


That’s right, we’re rockin’ the hot pink plastic flamingo. Waaaay cooler than a scarecrow.


Keep a sharp eye bird, you’ve got to protect us from the blandness of February!


So what did we plant? Name it, we probably got it. We got jalepeños…


Onions…yellow ones, white ones, sweet ones.


No less than 17 tomato plants…did we just make salsa?


Beets. Mmm, I like beets once in a while, so we didn’t plant too many.


Spinachio…It sounds tastier when you add the -io on the end of it. Try it!


Not pictured: Bell peppers, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, rosemary, basil, carrots, lettuce, oregano, ichiban, watermelon, cantelope, tomatillo, green beans, strawberries…can you tell we’re excited?!

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