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G’mornin’ kids, what’s up? Today’s our last day on Tour de Utah: Part 1 You guys have been troopers while we hustled around to all things we’ve had to do. Go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back. Or a PB&J for breakfast. Darn you resourceful & early-waking children!


Today is a very special day for your parents. We’re remembering old times! You see, Mommy & Daddy both spent many childhood years living in California; years that are filled with fond memories. There is a symbol of that time that just so happens to have made its way into Utah, and there is no way we are going to miss it. Dig in! Aww, nice teamwork you two!   


Whaddya think Eleanor? Cool hats, fresh ingredients, delicious fries, cold drinks, ain’t it the best?!


Ok, we may have rushed you into this. While Animal Style is the only way to go, I don’t think onions are on your favorite’s list just yet!


This isn’t Rowan’s 1st time to the criss-crossed-palm-tree-land-of-deliciousness. She once enjoyed a thick strawberry shake while still in the womb. Oh, is that a surprise Ro-dog?


Brinley may have finished her burger sooner than her colleagues. No matter, there was plenty of take-home work to be done while she waited on the others…


Excellent sticker-puzzle-solving skills Binnie! Please notify the manager of that location you are displaying that there are serious flood control problems to be dealt with immediately!


Speaking of flood control, are you actually stealing my fries? I am flooding with anger!


Hey Drew, can you show me how delicious your burger is? Ok, that’s not exactly what I meant, but we’ll go with that!


Lookin’ good Ellie, but remember to savor it!


When I said savor it, I definitely meant putting that chunk of lettuce on your chin for later. Yup.


You might recall taking a later nap than usual today Ellie. As a matter of fact, right now is your regular bedtime. So what does that mean? Party time, and a burger to-go! All the necessary ingredients for a late night disaster! And no judging the ghetto-dirty carseat, cause I know!!  Thats what happens when you give a 17 month old her own ice-cream cone!


Now we can’t include all the super-secret details of our most excellent West Fest party, but we will admit to cruising around the way we used to. Oh yeah!


If it wasn’t for Ryan’s cousin Mike, we never would have found a spot this good to enjoy the show!


Ooh. Aah. And Happy Birthday West Valley City!


How was the finale? Excellent! Usually kids are quick to complain that the show is over, but this time they’re excited! Because it means another ride around the ‘hood in the back of Mike’s truck! Hold on!


Early the next morning we blasted our way back to Planet Denver to enjoy some precious time off before our next leg on the Tour de Utah began. No, Drew & Brinley aren’t gettin’ down to the YMCA song; they’re just imitating the most scenic view of the drive across Wyoming…


take a hike

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In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been telling stories about our letterboxing adventures for a while now. During a blazing hot afternoon on part 1 of our Tour de Utah we mustered up the desire to find concealed rubber stamps. We set out to find boxes close to where we were staying and even managed to convince Amy’s family to go with us! That’s it, you guys are officially freaks too. Ha!


We discovered on our strenuous march that letterboxing is not just a Colorado thing. There are bazillions of them all over the universe! No way!


What would an outdoor adventure be if we didn’t stop to pose for pictures and admire the scenic views? Hey Ellie, is the grass really that scenic?


Aw, just forget it. Thanks anyway Drew, but no amount of force is gonna make her smile for the camera.


Well at least somebody is a willing subject! Right next to where we found a letterbox was a creek and an artesian spring. Did I mention it was super hot that day? The shade and cool water were a lifesaver!


As fun as some of us (Ryan) think it is to find as many stamps as possible, it wouldn’t be a pleasant memory for others (the rest of us) if there wasn’t some really cool fun like this:


Don’t you want to remember your childhood by looking at pictures of your wet butt?


Drew claims that this forest is enchanted and that this is his magic wand of power. Your magic wand is peeing on you Scoobie!


Rowan says she sees diamonds in the water. Yup! Is that Daddy sneaking up behind to “help” Rowan take a dip? Daddy don’t you dare!


Hey Ellie, does this natural spring have any healing qualities? Because I noticed you were screaming earlier and now you’re not. Hallelujah!


Maybe the secret to happiness is naturally exfoliated toes…


Because now that it’s time to quit, the youngin’s are a protestin’!


Mission accomplished, smile for the camera, and enjoy the breeze…


Drew found some treasures that he could take with him from our hike. What a ladies’ man!


Grandpa bought some treasure for the rest of us to enjoy. Now that’s what I call a complete letterboxing adventure!



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During our “busycation” in Utah we had plenty of places to go, people to see, and things to do. Should I be specific: A wedding, two wedding receptions, a funeral, a baby blessing and a family reunion all inside two weeks! Whew! In the cracks and tight spaces between all that we squeezed in some of our own fun to maintain the sanity. We couldn’t think of a better way to start the entertainment than by throwing ourselves around on all the rides at Lagoon.

Our first stop on the park map was the Whip ‘n’ Hurl…I mean Tilt & Whirl. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea…but laGoonies never say die!


Everybody but Eleanor got a chance to go on every ride more than once, thanks to built-in Ellie-sitters like Aunt Jenna… 


Look ma, almost no hands!


Ok, maybe that was a bit much for the first ride. This ride seems boring enough; it just goes up and rotates around for awhile…


Hmm, kinda getting high above the ground here…Drew looks worried.


Woosh! Aaaaaah! Somebody tell the operator that this ride is breaking! He just about cracked those rotten eggs open!


Rowan really did like the ride, honest! She said it was fun right after she got off. On the other hand, Drew hated it. mmhmmm


Rowan didn’t have to wait till her next ride was over to decide that taking a powerboat along the canals of Venice was one of her favorites.


Drew’s only aviation experience is staring at a 3 inch DirecTV screen in 28B on Frontier, so it’s a little suspicious that he’s made the transition to seaplane pilot so quickly…


Extremely suspicious! Apparently Drew also gives helicopter lessons…does Rowan look confident in her instructor’s abilities?


I know this may come as a shock, but not even the adults get to go on every ride. Wish I could say that I wasn’t jealous of this one!


Things seem to be going ok here…but where’s Brinley?


We found Brinley down at the DMV passing her driver’s test. You don’t get extra credit for taking it early…10 more years Binnie, sorry!


Then it was Rowan’s turn to teach…Drew doesn’t appear to be all that confident in his motor mentor…


3 hours of amusement park rides + 95 degree heat = a serious fight over dippin’ dots. Mommeeeee!


Ok kids, now that you’ve recharged your sugar batteries, let’s step up the danger ladder a bit. Remember to keep yer hands up!


Doing great Brinley! You too, random red head girl. Rowan…not so much.


Even with Daddy’s arm wrapped tightly around her, Rowan’s just not so thrilled to be here!


Are you getting a little jealous Ellie? Don’t worry, Aunt Kristy will find the perfect ride for you.


Here we are…A ride on a flying elephant! It even comes with your own ape slave!


Sit down, shut up, & hold on! Here we go! Vrrrooommm!!!


Hold on tight Ellie, that elephant’s got a crazy look in his eye!


As if boating, flying, driving, and riding wild animals wasn’t enough, now it’s time for space travel.


Is that a power ranger or a thundercat? What kinda ride is this? Lean into that turn Binnie!


As they approached their destination Drew used the force to slow the spacecraft while Rowan sang the 2001: Space Odyssey theme song. I think we just got our movies criss-crossed…


Are the depths of the ocean the final frontier for today? Not even close! Anchors away! 


Sgt. Drew went for a bombing raid in the ole’ Helldiver. Bail out, you’ve caught fire!


At this point everybody was about expired…except for Daddy of course. Can’t you get this kind of ride out of your airplane?


Ok maybe not this one…the passengers on Ryan’s flights may have some not-so-positive feedback if he were to go inverted…


 We’ve reached the end of the park, time for the victory lap over the kingdom…


Of course, it’d be hard to get a stroller on board the Sky Ride, so someone had stay on the ground. Looks like there’s a breeze up there. Must. be. nice.


I know its hot Ellie, but I don’t think rubbing the ice cream on your seatbelt is an effective way to cool off…are you trying to save it for later?


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