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Remember the days when you could go outside for hours to enjoy all the wildlife around you without a coat, hat & gloves? Ellie does:


So these pictures were taken in October…So what?  Uncle Aric made a quick college visit to Denver, but we managed to kidnap him for a few hours of pre-school fun. Those darn kids sure do like Aric, isn’t that right Rowan?


We figured that going to the zoo was the best place for Rowan to do some hippo research for the upcoming dance recital. But why is Drew picking the hippo’s nose? And where is the rest of Drew? Are you wearing camo again scoobie?!


Ah, you’re wearing peacock-camo! We made one failed attempt after another to snatch some peacock feathers for home decor…darn. heck.


Inside the poo-poo smelling house of pachyderms the kids said their farewells to the elephants who lived there. The zoo is building a new habitat and the animals get to hang out in it without snot-nosed kids pounding on the glass all day. I wonder what that feels like?


Here kitty kitty, Uncle Aric’s got a couple of scooby snacks for ya!


We stopped by the gorilla exhibit to say hello to BJ. Looks like he’s still sitting around doing the same thing he’s always been doing…nothin’. Lookin’ sharp BJ!


Drew gives an enthusiastic thumb-up for his new ride. Aric is giving 2 thumbs up because Drew will spur him if he doesn’t. Hyah mule!


My how the tables have turned! But this appears to be a great deal…Especially for Ryan & Aric’s backs!


You’ve seen the milk ads with the fake moustaches on celebrities. This yo-stache is 100% real, and well, Ellie’s face is plastered all over this corner of the internet, so that’s got to count for some kind of star power right?!


(Eleanor just realized she’s a celebrity)


What does a pig and Eleanor have in common? 2 things: messy eater, and made of ham!


We played tag team babysitting awhile back to enjoy some quality quiet time. Rowan seems happy!


 …Or not. It’s ok Rowan, Ellie just wanted to make sure  your baby was in the picture too!


Oops, looks like even I have been duped. It’s a kidnapping! Quick, get that darn kid!


hippopotamusses like Rowan too!

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Hey Rowan, do you have any pre-show butterflies hopping around in your tummy? Hmmm…better let Daddy do an “inspection” just to be sure. Tickle tickle tickle!


Sorry Rowan, but I don’t think Daddy has the butterflies…but don’t stop trying!


Suddenly, the lights dimmed, curtains parted and the show began. This was Rowan’s first dance recital, so it was nice for her to see what she was going to do before walking onstage.


Alright you little prima ballerinas…Its showtime! But not until your teach just gets you to be evenly spaced…


Those little hips aren’t gonna lie! These girls are about to have a blast…well most of them anyway. 


Did I mention they were going to have a blast? It looks like Rowan is rocketing through the stratosphere!


Or maybe she’s being translated? Don’t  go towards the light Row-ina! We want to keep you for a good while longer!


Not really sure what’s going on here…but I think the secret’s out…except for Sophie’s (Rowan’s BFF).


Why put your hands over your head to twirl when your helo-piggies can do it for you!?


Because sometimes it’s fun to listen to the jingle bells on your wrists…DUH!


Time for the finale…now shake it, shake it, shake it shake it like a polaroid picture!


Security? Security! We got a crazy fan trying to rush the stage! Maybe next year Ellie!


Oooh, it’s time for the hit everyone’s been waiting for! C’mon, you know the lyrics! “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, and only a hippopotamus will do…”


Wooot! You rocked it Rowan! Between her dancing and us watching I don’t know who had more fun. Way to go Roastie!



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…The vicious beast! Ok, not that vicious. But I did have to tie her to the tree to take her picture. Whaddya say to that, eh doggy?


Hi! My name is Maggie! Oh no! I’ve got a wood chip in my mouth, how embarrassing!


I’m a 3-month old Boxer mix, and I’m all mixed into the lives of my new family, thanks to Santa. But first things first: puppies need lots of things to chew on. The little tree I’m tied to currently fits the bill. Grrrr!


Hey, my seatbelt is stuffed down in the seat cushions and I can’t get it out! Give me a rope or something! Daddy’s driving?! AAAAUGH! 


Looks like I survived to tell the tale. By the way, happiness is warm laundry fresh from the dryer. Aaaaaah. I’ve made friends with the neighbors, I’m terrified of school buses, and I love to play fetch. If only Cheddar would like me, then my life would be perfect!


Time for another letterbox adventure…with the dog! We came across a box we stamped months ago. Drew & Brinley were just as excited to see their old stamps in the logbook as they were about finding a new box.   


Drew & Brinley educated Maggie on the art of tupperware hunters, and attempted to recruit her into the ranks:


I think she’s reading the fine print!


I dunno Drew, it looks to me like she’s ready to sign the contract!


Signed, sealed, delivered, she’s all yours Drew!


Meanwhile, another member of our troop was downwind from the conversation…


Whassammattayou? It’s not a heat wave Ellie; just a doggie fart! P.U.!


Not sure what to make of this bunch: this shoulda been an outtake, but all 3 girls are wearing homemade duds, and they are proud of it! And that makes me giddy inside.


My letterbox! Mine! All mine! I’m a Letter-Boxer! Ha!


So…how does one open a letterbox…assuming one has no opposable thumbs?


We tried several times to get a nice picture of the new crew, but Maggie was set on showing Rowan how to touch your nose with your tongue.


Got it! (Daddy was being especially silly)


And just like that…Bang! Drew’s ear must taste good!


I knew there’d be vicious beasts somewhere in this post. Yeeehaw! 


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