Hey Rowan, do you have any pre-show butterflies hopping around in your tummy? Hmmm…better let Daddy do an “inspection” just to be sure. Tickle tickle tickle!


Sorry Rowan, but I don’t think Daddy has the butterflies…but don’t stop trying!


Suddenly, the lights dimmed, curtains parted and the show began. This was Rowan’s first dance recital, so it was nice for her to see what she was going to do before walking onstage.


Alright you little prima ballerinas…Its showtime! But not until your teach just gets you to be evenly spaced…


Those little hips aren’t gonna lie! These girls are about to have a blast…well most of them anyway. 


Did I mention they were going to have a blast? It looks like Rowan is rocketing through the stratosphere!


Or maybe she’s being translated? Don’t  go towards the light Row-ina! We want to keep you for a good while longer!


Not really sure what’s going on here…but I think the secret’s out…except for Sophie’s (Rowan’s BFF).


Why put your hands over your head to twirl when your helo-piggies can do it for you!?


Because sometimes it’s fun to listen to the jingle bells on your wrists…DUH!


Time for the finale…now shake it, shake it, shake it shake it like a polaroid picture!


Security? Security! We got a crazy fan trying to rush the stage! Maybe next year Ellie!


Oooh, it’s time for the hit everyone’s been waiting for! C’mon, you know the lyrics! “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, and only a hippopotamus will do…”


Wooot! You rocked it Rowan! Between her dancing and us watching I don’t know who had more fun. Way to go Roastie!