Y’know Rowan, when I said that eating homemade oatmeal would give you extra energy, I didn’t think it would go only to your face:


Scary clown! Ok seriously, I’m getting a little creeped out right now!


Grandma may have been wrong when she told you your face was going to get stuck that way. But I’ve got some news for you: There’s something down in your drawers that ain’t supposed to be there!


Whaaaat? I’m not teasing! That’s why you’re sitting in the doctor’s office half-naked. Don’t you grunt at me!


Diagnosis: Two hernias, a small one behind her belly button and large one in her groin. Sorry Rowan, er..Nomar, even the most educated and affluent people in the world can still fall prey to the simplest of ills…


We went to the pediatric surgeon’s office to confirm the doctor’s suspicions…Looks like Rowan is taking the news well!


Try explaining to your 3 year old that a doctor is going to cut her open and sew her back together:


The fateful day arrived. Howyadoin’ Roastie?! I’m letterboxing…on a gurney! She was more excited about the cartoons than anything…


Tic tock…Rowan seemed oblivious to the boy-themed hospital gown she was wearing, and that it was almost time to meet Puff the Magic Dragon…


This is the first time she’s ever gotten to stamp on her own without interruption…


She wanted her nails painted for the occasion, but we ran out of time. So she improvised!


A busy Roastie gives me the freedom to take scandalous photos.


And then the stroke of 9am came…All of a sudden things became a little more scary. Ok, a lot more scary! Rowan released her nervous energy in the form of a fluff, air blow, toot – whatever you want to call it! Like it or not, it was time for a casual stroll to the operating room.


Doot dah doot…What do you do to pass the time while your child is a million miles away?


10:30ish a.m.: Welcome back from the dark side of the moon Ro-dog! What’s your fancy? You’ve been fasting for hours…let’s start off with some juice!


Howyafeelin? It’s a good thing Baba (zebra) stayed by your side when mama couldn’t. We love that Baba!


Now for the main course: Popsicles! What’s your favorite? Grape! But if they don’t have grape, I’ll have cherry, because it’s a favorite too…


Are you almost done with your cherry popsicle? Because Daddy has a surprise for you!


It’s right behind this book! Can you see it?


It’s a grape popsicle, of course! Princess gets what princess wants today!


Looks like even the hospital followed the Princess Protocol with a pinkalicious IV-O2 thingamajiggy…


And just like that, we’re home sweet home. On the way I asked Rowan what she wanted for lunch, to which she very assertively replied, “Chips, dipped in peanut butter!” She couldn’t be swayed no matter what cuisine I offered. Ohhh-kaaaay…


No sharing. Nope. Nuh-uh. My chips! Mine!


You are hereby restricted to this couch. Any and all requests, trips to the bathroom, up or down stairs require a parental escort. Oooh she is gonna love this!


A few days later, she bounced back to her usual spunky demanding self.


Way to be tough Rowan! We are so proud of you!