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Whatchadoin’ Ellie? Table-surfing again? mmmhmmm! Who’s gonna be 2? Huh?! Who’s gonna be 2?!!


What is that? The size of your snack you’re willing to share with me? So generous!


Yeah, you think it’s funny don’t you?! Meanwhile I’m weeping while feasting on the crumb she gave me…


Ok, you are really cute. But your looks won’t keep me from being hungry! C’mere Ellie! I’m gonna eat ya!


Curses, foiled by the big sis! Thank her for being your rescuer, my little chocolate croissant!




Looks like you’ve got Brinley well-trained…she took the crumb, and liked it!


Make your own dang cake! What flavor suits your fancy today?


Oooh carrot cake…nice! Even though it’s the middle of “candy season” we are making an effort to be healthy. If we can just make it to Easter, we’ll be scot-free until Halloween…when it starts all over again.   


Ok, go ahead and put the carrot shreds in the mixing bowl. Yes, just like that.


Take 1 or 2 or maybe 3,459 whiffs of the vanilla. We want to make sure its fresh!


Ahh, the best part. Soon you’ll be smearing that buttery frosting all over!


At the other end of the room b-day present wrapping was going full-swing. If there was such a thing as wrapping paper efficiency, this would be the equivalent of a gas guzzler. But no criticism here! They did it themselves, and that’s what counts.


Eleanor’s birthday celebration finally arrived…5 days late! Better late than never! Nice crown by the way!


Looks like that heath-nut carrot cake got the proper birthday treatment! Smothered in yummy frosting and Skittles!


Happy 2 to you Eleanor! We’re so glad you’re ours!


Family get togethers: They strengthen bonds and warm the soul…And light things on fire!


Fire?! Ellie spent hours baking this cake, and isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of it being ablaze:


Big sis to the rescue, again! Phew! That was a close one!


Ok, let’s dig in! Whaddyathink Ellie? The Birthday Princess looks pleased with her perfectly perfumy pie!


Hey Ellie, you got a little shmootz over on…uh-oh, I’m getting the growl! Nevermind!


On with the show! What is the ultimate present for a 2 year-old in this house? Her very own crayon box. I cannot describe how difficult it is to make sure it stays her own…


Yeah, rip it! Just not the insides!


(photographer noticed how cute those little toes are…may they never grow to be “hoof extensions”).


D&B were hired as birthday fairies for Eleanor this year. Apparently we were out of crepe paper streamers. I like the handles!


This birthday celebration seems to be going on and on! Must. Be. Nice!


Hmm…what’s in her mouth doesn’t seem to match the pears & cottage in her bowl…did she snatch another treat?


We’re getting the growl again! Tuck tail and run!


I’ve got news for you Ellie. I know you’ve really enjoyed this 4-day long fiesta of fun, but…


…The party’s over. Don’t worry; Drew’s birthday is just around the corner! And your crayons are still all yours!


rowan vs. eleanor

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Don’t get the wrong impression, Rowan & Eleanor are not archrivals locked in a heated, epic battle of cute vs. funny. Roastie and Ellie are constantly doing hilarious things wherever we may be. Many times they can be caught doing those charming things together. Hmm, now that I’ve written this down, it’s extremely obvious: These two girls are locked in a heated battle of cute vs. funny! The good news is everybody wins! Alright, out to the front lines!

Whoa, wait a minute! I thought this was a friendly competition!


That’s a pretty sweet shiner you got there Ellie. Are you and Rowan really throwing punches?


Apparently so! Alright that’s it, break it up! What’s going on here?! Don’t you give me that stone face!


Ha! I knew you would crack under the pressure! Crack a smile that is…


Ok, so the truth has already been told in our last post. Both Ellie and Rowan got into fights with the bathtub and the bathtub won. That’s the story we’re selling anyway…


We took these two bruisers on another boxing adventure a couple weeks ago. So what does Ellie do while the bigs search for the letterbox? Just chill and look pretty…while sitting in the middle of the road!


Another important activity is to stay hydrated and fed…otherwise the junior tupperware hunters start to get cranky and make obnoxious loud noises…


Ellie knows the game you’re playin’ Rowan. No amount of kisses is going to earn you her Z-bar.


Sometimes the hydrated and fed rule only makes the littles louder…I can even feel myself straining for this cupcake right now!


Ellie, there’s evidence on your upper lip that you’ve had some already. You’re not hooked, are you?


Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! Now it’s a battle for the last cupcake!


Better watch out Rowan, I think Ellie’s balling up her fist!


Trying to convince her that it’s yucky Rowan? Well, she may not like blueberries, but she knows what frosting is!


No sister rivalry after all? Aww, how nice! Caring is sharing!


Uh-oh, Rowan scooped up the cupcake and Eleanor immediately started to tense. I don’t think Ellie cares if the wrapper is on or off, since all she wants is the frosting anyway…


She also doesn’t want to be fed. An independent stubborn daughter of mine? Imagine that!


Have we reached a compromise Ellie? Has this illegal cupcake immigrant been granted amnesty?


Looks like a decision has been delayed on account of sugar-clouded judgment.


It came to a point that Elea-sweet had to go through a 12-step program to detox from all the sugary treats she was inhaling. Rowan was there by her side for moral support. C’mon Ellie, you can do it!


Alright! Yay for fiber…and its end result!


How’s it taste? A little rubbery & bland? The dressing should help, but don’t loosen your grip on that banana!


I see that this is going to take a while. The tabloids are going to lose interest in reporting on this celebrity…


But not if she relapses! Caramel popcorn?! Say it ain’t so!


It’s hard being almost 1½ with a hopeless addiction to sugar, isn’t it? Yeah, it looks real bad. Not cute or funny at all. Nope.


Keeping the sticky sweetness of your outside has not proved any easier than keeping it out of your insides either!


In case you were getting tired of sweets, Rowan wanted to share with you the familiar sounds of a private corner inside Costco…


Daddy, did Mommy really just take a picture of Rowan on the potty? As sure as I am that Rowan has plumber’s crack, she sure did!


It’s been a while since Cheddar made it into a blog post. He’s a nice, affectionate cat, but there’s still plenty you can do that will annoy him…


Making him a babysitter is probably somewhere on the top of his list. The problem is that it’s hilarious!


It’s a good thing you’re cute, because this is not hilarious. Especially when it’s the 15th time I’ve had to clean this mess up in two days!


Are you trying to present a solution to your incessant drawer destruction? I don’t think spray glue is going to do the trick unless we glue your hands to your knees. That sounds like something a loving mother would do, don’t you think?


Ms. Eleanor, can you please identify for the jury the person who threatened you with the spray glue?


Ladies & Gentlemen, please direct your attention the glass where my assistant Rowan recreates the crime scene with extreme detail…


Are you sure Ms. Eleanor? May I remind that you are under oath? Are you pointing to the reflection of the cat in the camera lens? Meowjection!


While the jury deliberated for days, it was back to the usual routine, starting with an early morning cup of joe…


…Chocolate joe, that is. Rowan has her own particular way of enjoying a beverage…


Thanks, but we didn’t really need another demonstration…


Meanwhile, the defendant kept living her flamboyant lifestyle.


The evening came, and the jury had made a decision. Ms. Eleanor wore Polka-Dot Panda„¢ and appeared confident that the verdict would be in her favor.


Guilty on all counts! Aggravated Physical Assault on a thread drawer, Vandalism & and Disturbing the Peace… 


Shocked? Devastated? Just plain tired? Ok, nigh-night!


I know that this never happens at your house, but occasionally our kids don’t always make it to bed on time. Such was the case on this particular evening. Showered, jammied, teeth brushed and ready for bed, but Rowan wouldn’t go to sleep until every hair on her head was thoroughly baked. It’s all part of her evil plot…


This part of the plot didn’t work out as well as Rowan hoped. In an attempt to keep herself awake she stripped herself down Calvin & Hobbes style, but couldn’t quite get her jammies…off…before…yawn…zzzzzzzzzzzz…


kitchen elves

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When the weather gets crafty (read: crappy) and our outdoor plans are turned to squash, we get pretty bored staring at our colorful walls. When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than cooking up a great meal! All it takes is for someone to pull out a cutting board and the kitchen converts to a Keebler elf tree house.

This mischievous little nymph wanted to get her hands dirty and help make eggplant parmesan. Take it away Rowan; I’ve never been a fan of the egg wash! Slimy!


This little fairy’s wings must be clipped. Don’t look at me with that face! Yeah, yeah…you are so neglected!


Eggplant parm phase 2. Lookin’ good! Show that vegetable who’s boss…


Ah-ha! Your true identity has been revealed, little troll! Your hypnotic wailing won’t work on me this time! Can’t you find a cupboard or something to get into? I’m working here…


Make sure that eggplant gets evenly coated in bread crumbs Rowan, nobody likes a soggy eggplant! It’s got to be as crunchy as your tree huggin’ mama!


Brinley tried to remember what it was like to have the warm summer air blow through her hair while her side dish went round & round. That’s not a tumor; it’s a double-chin!


Chef Drew, would you care to enlighten us? “This is how I dice olives. I don’t make the horizontal cuts in toward the pit after making the downward cuts.  So I make the vertical slices, and then just start the dicing. It naturally falls apart. Then I run the knife through the pile of dice just for good measure.” What did he say? 


No touchy touchy Rowan, we’ve got to save those olives for dinner. And that spatula is lookin’ pretty weird…


Rowan, caught red-handed! Check out the blur of intense focus on Drew’s face, I told you he takes his food seriously! Doesn’t look like our beloved spatula will live to see another taco Tuesday…


Good thing we have a backup spatula, otherwise Brinley would be a hand-flipping little tortilla girl, and that just sounds dangerous…


How’s that taco taste Nellie? Hey, if you don’t like it take it up with the captain, but don’t shoot the cooks!


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