Laundry rap

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Ryan’s still out of town

The washer broke down

The smoke from it made me frown

I pounded my foot on the ground

Said to myself, “This is bound to make me drown in pounds and pounds of brown gowns!”

So I went around the mound

To a renown place uptown

And I told that clown, “I’m in need of a new crown jewel of cleanliness.”

And now the chilluns watch it go round and round…



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Yeah yeah I know, we don’t do much around here anymore. Truth is, this ole blog almost went extinct. But thanks to a super-computer-genius neighbor of ours, this place is back from the brink.

That being said, we’re a busy bunch! It seems like we can’t make time like we used to anymore. What do you think Ellie?


Fortunately, we’ve found a way to remember the good times, even when we’re on the go. Instagram has proven to be a priceless resource for catching the important moments, like this one:


Unfortunately for any stalkers that we might still have lurking in the shadows of this blog, our Instagram accounts (oscarstew & cheddarchowder) are for authorized eyes only. No more incognito fun for you!


There’s been a lot of change over the last several months. Some good, some…not as good. The kids are all getting huge! That’s not so good Archie! We like you small!


We do plan to feed the blog with occasional highlights from our instagram accounts (in addition to regular posts), so if you are like Ryan and aren’t quite technologically evolved yet you’ll still get to score some tidbits of the chaos that commands our daily circus. See ya soon!

streptococcus rearrangeamus catchupamus

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Pssshhh! We finally have a moment to come up for air! It’s been quite a “dynamic” year for us, with plenty more action still to come. It’s been 4 months since we last posted, so there is plenty of news to cover. But not all at once!

Fletcher is coming soon! Who is Fletcher, you ask? Fletcher Floyd Farnsworth is the preposterous and fictitious name of our unborn child. Yes, Fletcher is a boy. Three months ago we did a complete rearrange of the kid bedrooms and made boys and girls rooms. We painted the walls, trim, ceiling & doors just like we did in the other rooms we’ve renovated. Ellie was pumped about moving up to a big girl bed. She was choo-chooing like a train!


Yes, the girls room is aqua blue. What’s missing from that picture is girly bedding and curtains that make it into a girls room. The roommate reassignment involved some Craigslist purchases and some furniture refurbishment. Brinley looks thrilled!


Aw, she was just playing! She was more than happy to be Daddy’s lumber assistant once she figured out a way to keep her safety goggles secure!


Welcome to Farnsworth Farmacy, we got the good stuff. Poor Drew, his tonsils were identified by the good doctor as being carriers of strep, and when you’re a carrier of such affliction you unavoidably share it with those around you. All the kids got strep multiple times in less than 6 months until we decided that it was best to take more drastic measures…


We decided that it was time to have those rotten tonsils taken out. On operation day Ryan tried to keep Drew in good spirits about the whole ordeal, being able to relate having had his tonsils jerked out when he was only 4. It was hilarious to take the the triceratops’ tonsils out with a chainsaw and a rusty shovel…


But then Daddy had to reassure that the doctor was not going to use such crude tools on our first-born. Does he look convinced?


Even the triceratops looks upset. I don’t really know why…he’s wearing Fletcher’s homemade pajamas! Drew actually refers to the triceratops as “Fletch”, so maybe the spirit of his little bro was there to help him make it through?


Drew went around the moon and came back again. He and Fletch look much more at ease now…


The most painful day of recovery from tonsil surgery comes about a week later. Eating or drinking anything feels like trying to swallow a sea urchin. Stay hydrated Scoob, you’ll feel better tomorrow!


Since he didn’t feel like eating any of his enormous inventory of ice cream that day, Ellie was more than happy to oblige. Poor Ellie; way to take one for the team!


We had a garden this year, just like the last 4 years. Despite it being somewhat neglected it managed to survive the hottest, driest summer ever and produce some yummy foods. We tried our hand at potatoes and succeeded!


Part of the success is that Rowan wants to eat them!


These are “new” potatoes because, according to wikipedia, they are immature or young…they’re small, buttery, and delicious! And next year we are growing a years supply!


I don’t think they’re that delicious Ellie…


Drew & Rowan’s former bedroom was too small to have a twin bed, a crib, changing table and 2 dressers in it. So it became a creamy yellow cave of craftiness instead:


The new sewing room has turned into a baby clothes making factory. The hand-me-downs left over from Drew are, uh…old. And covered in Pooh…of the Winnie variety. And that just won’t do…


Making clothes for a boy has been more of a challenge, but it sure is exciting to see a drawer full of handmades awaiting the arrival of this little guy.


Being of a smaller square foot, the new sewing room needed to optimize it’s storage ability. Ryan made these shelves from plywood, next up is a custom sewing desk…adios kitchen table. Unfortunately one of Ryan’s best carpentry consultants Grandpa Dave“Jeep” passed away in July, but Ryan is still aiming to make something that at least imitates his fine work…


The old expansive office/sewing room became the new boys room, complete with navy blue walls and steely gray furniture.  Drew was most excited about the super secret cubby that Ryan made using part of the old headboard. Curtains and art are obviously on the to-do list, but for now baby clothes are more fun to sew!


Do the boys like their new room? Scoob and Fletch approved. Nice to see you 100% again Drew! Guess what time it is?


It’s time to go to school! 4th grader & 2nd grader are thumbs up about their education!


They’re also excited for another reason: New school! Due to a boundary change our ‘hood got reassigned to a different lodge of learning. We took the tour, met the teachers, and asked plenty of questions. It’s been 2 months since then, and we’re all happy with the change…


Guess what Rowan? The bigs are away at school, so that makes you Slave #1! Do you remember what happens every September? We make salsa!


Step 1: Peel the skins off the tomatoes…


Step 2: Discuss how good this salsa is going to taste in late January when it’s dreary and colorless outside…


Small fingers seem to have a natural ability with removing tomato skins. So it’s not just making her feel important!


Step 3: Cook the salsa. Topless.


I don’t think Maggie is a big fan of this roommate reassignment! You girls…


Rowan could hardly contain herself when the news came that she too would be a sophomore of science. Pre-school here she comes!


You’re very cute Roastie. Are you trying to look smarter? Those squinty eyes are helping! HA!


I’m sorry to inform you that pre-school is only one day a week. Is that still ok? Alright!


We’re running out of slaves! Ellie, go get some ‘matos!


Nevermind, it’s Saturday morning. Some kids sleep in. Some kids watch cartoons. These kids got the beets!


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