major league ice-cream

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The sphere of all things cold and delectable. The orb of creamy happiness. The globe of glucose. I’m talking about the ice-cream ball. This is multi-tasking’s finest fifteen minutes. They’re playing outside, they’re burning calories, and they’re making ice-cream. Is this a good activity? Ohhhhh yeaaaahhh. 

Here the kids are heavily engaged in a battle of ice-cream soccer.

Check out this intense game of ice-cream pushball. The big kid has to sit downhill and concentrate, while the little kid leisurely horks down her sandwich.

Goal! Basket! Point! Touchdown! Home run! I could keep going, as I’m unsure of what game they are playing at this point…

Ah the sweet reward. Mix in some mini Reese’s, and it’s a masterpiece for the mouth.

Just so there’s no confusion or trickery, the borders are clearly identified. No trespassing.

one hit wonders III

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Manly men doing manly things. Be sure to top it off and squeegee the windows too, Drew. I wonder how he feels about $3.62/gallon gas?

Drew burned up his back tire until the whole thing was bald down to the cords. The Tire Fairy came and rewarded him with more rubber for the road, and Daddy was there to provide technical support. 

Brinley was imitating me as I read a novel. Nice choice Brinley…

Camo X 4. All I see is Drew’s floating head and his arm holding the broom. The rest of him is invisible! He does get points for sweeping the floor…

Brinley had a big nasty splinter, and the only thing I could find to distract her during surgery was this lollipop from Christmas. Drew insisted that life be fair, so I dug deep in the drawer and discovered a candy cane. Tasty! No judgements please…

Rowan blows bubbles when she’s happy. Twiggy’s looking mighty chubby no?

She is becoming quite the drooler as well.

Brinleys first and hopefully LAST dreadlock. I have no idea how it happened, I did her hair and sent her off into the backyard. An hour later I discovered this bad boy. I hacked that thing off faster than you can say Bob Marley.

Honk! Honk! Vrrrrooom, there goes Daddy once again. One of the benefits of living so close to the airport. The kids are yelling at him making sure he won’t forget to bring Froot Loops home from his trip.

Drew has mastered the art of frisbee. I told him I wasn’t going over any fences to retrieve runaways, so he figured out that straight up was a safe bet. Meanwhile Brinley stuffed her cheeks with frozen grapes.

Rowan has warmed up to laying in the grass.


And we still haven’t seen hide nor hair of this good lookin’ fella…

cat conundrum

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Yesterday our dear cat, Cheddar, disappeared. He is a sneaky little thing, and must have slipped outside while the kids were ping-ponging between the kitchen and backyard. Somehow he went unnoticed and was brave enough to leave the yard. We spent the last 24 hours checking the fence for any any evidence that might lead us in the right direction. We have been tracking down leads from neighborhood kids, and canvasing the neighboorhood with all manner of cat-calls. No sign of him.

This morning we posted signs around the neighborhood hoping that someone may have found him. The kids have been praying for Cheddar’s safe return, and asking anyone who will listen to join in the effort. 

I owe a big thanks to this man for walking the streets at 11o’clock at night with a flashlight hoping to find Cheddar huddled up under a bush. It takes a true man and dedicated father to walk around the neighborhood calling “here kitty, kitty.” 

It’s only been 24 hours but Cheddar is definitely missed. We miss his company & playful spirit. I even miss his annoying habits, like hovering when we eat hoping that a morsel of turkey sandwich will fall into his lap, or batting old receipts around the kitchen floor.

As embarrassing as it is to blog about a cat, and take a chance at becoming a “crazy cat lady,” we miss this little ball of fur and home he makes his way home to us.

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