movie night

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There was an ultra-exclusive movie premiere the other night. It wasn’t showing in a few select cities, it wasn’t in 3-D or in some super-duper-sound-certified theatre. This premiere was under the big top. Only three tickets were available. Did I get one? Nooooooooo I did not. But my photo crew & I were determined to identity of the bigshots who made it in!

At first all my team could produce were aerial shots, from the helicopter. That’s right.

But like any good paparazzi I paid off the head of security and was able to sneak in for a close-up.

There’s the head of security, enjoying the fruits of bribery.

It seems all three people, the head of security and the two unnamed bigwigs, were totally hypnotised by the film. I can’t wait to see it for myself if it ever comes out of that little tent, er…uhh, I mean theatre!

sticks & stones

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Well, it’s time to move on. Thanks for your condolences! Oscar Stew will spew forth without the Oscar.

Hey Scoob, hey Fred! What are you guys up to? What’s the matter? Why do you look so angry? And what’s with the nametags?

Who would have thought that they would take a stand against nicknames? Are “Scoob” & “Fred” getting old? Or maybe it is the plethora of other silly names they get called. This lasted a few hours, and they were very insistant that there be no more nicknames. Whatsoever! *foot stomp*

I immediately started to panic. My mind was racing, trying to come up with anyway possible to get around the new rule. They were persistent and stood their ground. And then, I offered them a brownie. And all was forgotten.

Kids are so easy.

adiós amigo

Drew, Vicious Beasts 6 Comments »

We said goodbye to Oscar yesterday. As we drove Drew talked about the fun times and great memories he had. Drew wanted to make sure Oscar knew that he was still thinking about him, so we made a list of all the things Drew loved about Oscar on two balloons.

We chose a nice quiet spot and Drew let the balloons go.

Drew was just sure that Heavenly Father was going to catch the balloons and read them to Oscar.  How else do you explain death to a 5-year-old?

Up, up, and away.

Drew was pretty broken up after letting the balloons go. Daddy explained that Oscar was happy and soon he would have Drew’s balloons…

Drew marked a spot nearby where he could always go to remember Oscar, complete with parsley – Oscar’s favorite treat.

Goodbye Oscar! We love you!

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