We played. We worked. We got soaked. This three part adventure was filled with all kinds of fun, sweat, and maybe a few tears. Now that it’s over we can’t wait to go back for more! And so the story goes…

We started our road trip to St. George bright and early. Per the ceiling mounted map of felt, we made a beverage stop in Green River. Yellow River may be a more appropriate name after we left town…it was the first potty stop we had made in quite a while. I’m just sayin’…


At approximately mile 610 of the 650 mile journey we experienced a blowout. And we thought disposable diapers would make the trip a little easier…this folks, never happens in cloth! Never!


Rowan and Grandpa had a good laugh about it when we got there. Look out Grandpa! That little crook is trying to steal your watch from right under your nose!


First things first. I needed to finish my quilt.  Kelsey told me about this guy she knows who does a fantastic job finishing quilts. He’s a little goofy looking, but he has a nice smile and strong arms. Meet Steve:


Drew & Brinley vowed to stay in their swimsuits for the entire trip. Their first aqueous adventure was to explore the water park. Drew can ski barefoot with no boat!


Fancy Nancy found her water boa, and fine-tuned her olympic skills at the water luge.


Rowan will be the the cover girl on the Baby Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue next month. Cottage cheese never looked so good!


All the women folk went for pedi’s and Cafe Rio. Ooolala and mmmm in the same sentence!!


How many cousins does it take to scrub down Grandma’s new dog? Drew,  Brinley, Sam & Emma gave Merlin a hefty scrubbing.


Not a tail was left unturned. This doggy is clean!


OK, well Mission: Human Prunes seems to have come to an abrupt end. Sleep is a necessary element of vacation. Separation from children isn’t bad for parents either. Drew & Brinley were singing a musical about how their “Night at Grandma’s” would be an unforgettable experience. Ro-dog seems to have forgotten her lines…It’s OK Rowie, there will be more swimming tomorrow!


One of my favorite parts about visiting my hometown is catching up with old friends! Thanks for the fun afternoon Maegan, I wish we lived closer!



Ro-doggy? Naw, it’s Ro-fishy!


Hey Rowan, what does that hot tub sound like?


We had many family swim nights! It doesn’t get any better than this when the temps soar to 118.


Grimy Grandpa freshened up a bit, or maybe that’s Gator Grandpa?!


Swimming and hot tubbing just aren’t enough. Water fights must be involved!


It’s past sunset and we’re still swimming! A big thanks to Jeremy& Sharla for letting us stay in this fabulous house. Look at that view!