how to eat a leprechaun

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It’s that time of year again when kids all around the country eat their greens…and like it!

Check us out! We’re in a green kitchen! With green food! But no green in our pockets! Nice Mater teeth Drew!


I think at this point Brinley realized what she was eating today, and was doing her best to keep from turning green herself.


Green sandwich, broccoli, sour apple, and a couple of mystery containers…scary!


Us uneducated ones who don’t go to shewl shared the rest of the loaf at home…1000 bonus points if you know the “shewl” reference!


…c’mon Rowan sing it! There is beauty all around,when there’s loaf at home!


Yeah ok, it is tough to sing with your mouth full. I take it you like the sandwich?


Even Elea-crank is a fan. Maybe that spongy bread massaged those aching gums of hers? Can’t you see the tears of relief welling up in her eyes?


We went for a green dinner too. Why not go all out? The kids were just sure this dinner was going to disappoint, but they both went back for thirds.


I used a pretty fool-proof recipe. How could I go wrong with butter & parmesan? Oh I get it, you silly kids don’t like asparagus.


Not sure who this kid is. Maybe we’ll be able to tell once we peel off the anti-aging noodle mask. Happy St. Patty’s!


one-way rowan

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There is no one in our family that comes anywhere close to being as independent, self-reliant, and determined as Rowan. It doesn’t matter how difficult or dangerous the challenge, she is up to the task. She usually finds her own unique way to get the job done. And that is one of the many reasons why we love her so!

If your little hands lack the dexterity to open a candy wrapper, find scissors.


If you want to help with the laundry, put yourself in a position to get picked up.


We don’t have cable/satellite, so the only channels that are on are the soaps. Don’t judge!


How long a minute is depends on which side of the door you’re on. Rock on with your potty-trained self!


I know it’s your favorite food, but the cottage cheese is all gone Roastie. Sorry!


Well lookee here! After scraping the container for 5 minutes you actually came up with a decent bite! Have at it!


Yeah don’t transfer it to your plate, just hork it right off the mega-spoon. There’s less chance of losing any that way. Do you have a mother? Tell her to tame that mop!


Once Rowan discovered the location of the chocolate chips, she also found that descending from the third shelf with a full load was impossible. No problemo! 


Sesame crackers and chocolate chips: The snack of champions.


Crack is what happens when your parents buy your clothes a size too big to accommodate your enormous cloth diaper booty. And then you go and potty train yourself. Way to go girl!


Rowan enjoys mandarin oranges with her cottage cheese. Who needs an official cup when you can take care of business all by yourself? That’s my Rowan!


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