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Spring break: Day 3

And we are officially bored. mmmmhmmmm.

Yesderday we made kitty cookies. Yes, we baked for the cat. That is how bottom-of-the-barrel I am feeling right now. The kids liked it, that’s what’s important. The fact that I look like a crazy cat lady is beside the point.

Drew wrote down the recipe for us. Kitty cookies are an exact science. You don’t want to mess around with Cheddar and his cookies. 


I always bake in my finest pearls – don’t you?


After this the kids fought over who got to crack the egg, so I got the mighty privilege. Lucky me!


Approval from his highness before we move on to the next step.


Now for the fun part – flatten the dough. Nice technique Drew…


Cheddar was anxiously circling the kitchen. The smell of tuna wafting though the kitchen was more than this cat can handle.


After 15 excruciating minutes, the morsels of fishy goodness are finally baked to perfection. That’s closer than you ever wanted to get to cat food, isn’t it?


Drew made sure to document every step of the process. Next time he will be able to make these without my help:
wheat germ
corn meal
of oyl (olive oil)
cooke shet
lite (so we can watch them bake, or course!)
15 minise
cute (cut)
toona cookies (boy – that tuna word is pretty tricky, huh!?)
clen up the ckichin (atta BOY!)


And clean up they did!


edible valentines

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G&G F sent the kids a box of valentine makin’ fixins. The kids have been itching to dig in, but we waited until yesterday and went hog wild.

The kids are no strangers to glue & glitter so they jumped right in with both feet.

Drew said he ask Edgar if he wanted to help, and Edgar said yes. UmmmmHmmm…  Looks like Edgar’s intentions may have been different than Drew thought. Great, now we have a glue-sniffing pig on our hands.

(and yes, I know what you are thinking. There is a rodent on my kitchen table, but mind you – his is on his designated rug and the lysol was nearby just in case. Can we still be friends? Please?) 


Of course the gooey pink sparkly stuff was Brinley’s favorite.


This could either be really good or totally nasty. He’s just pig enough to find out. Curious little creature…

We eventually had to bribe Edgar away from the craft table. He was being way too helpful.

Who would have thought the first person to write Drew’s name in sparkly pink would be Drew himself? For what it’s worth, this was quite a challenge for him. Those glue bottles are pretty hard to squeeze and be precise at the same time.

Miss Binnie beaming with pride of her custom made creation. Her valentines were more like sandwiches. All the fun ribbons, hearts and sparkles are hidden beneath layers and layers of doilys. It’s a “surprise” she said.

Happy Heart Day!


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The hole in Drew’s heart could only stay empty for so long. He still loves Oscar, but it was time for a new pig in his life…oh yes, there is a new pig on the block!

Hello, my name is Edgar!

You might think we are crazy for jumping back into piggyhood so quickly. I can think of a dozen things I’d rather do than clean a rodent cage. But, the look on Drew’s face makes it totally worth it. totally. And I can’t imagine not having a guinea garden this year. Can I get therapy for guinea separation anxiety? oy.

Edgar was living with some good friends of ours, but he and his piggy roommate were having trouble communicating in a diplomatic fashion. We are so grateful that they shared their piggy wealth with us. Scoob and Edgar hit it off great, I think they will be great friends. Drew was very excited to be a “piggy daddy” again. Edgar loves to be held, scratched behind the ears, and cucumbers.

Edgar is good at sniffing out his favorite foods. Here he is hot on the lettuce trail, despite being distracted by a juicy carrot. Oh, the temptation…

Mommy & Drew made Edgar feel welcome by making him some piggy pockets, which keep him nice ‘n’ cozy. Notice Drew has switched legs. Again.

Edgar loves hiding out in his pockets; he believes they are a bulletproof fortress against cats and other pests. If he can’t see Cheddar, then the cat isn’t out to get him, right?

And the adventure begins…

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